Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WOW! Wipe Out Waste!

This term we will be learning about recycling and reusing to reduce the amount of rubbish we create. The term has started off with a wonderful excursion to CERES last Friday where we learnt all about the importance of recycling and caring for the environment.

Here are some of our discoveries!

I discovered that the litter trap stops the rubbish from going into the creek. RO'C

I discovered that some people put rubbish into the creek and I feel sad. MM

I discovered that rubbish without a triangle can't be recycled. DB

I discovered that worms live in the dirt (soil). They make the soil healthy. LO'C
I discovered that worms made soil. They eat the food scraps and then they do a poo. This goes into the soil. WB

At CERES they recycle everything. The Preps were impressed by the bike shed. People bring their old or unwanted bikes here for others to take parts and reuse pieces. We loved the arch way made from old bicycle wheels!

What do you do to recycle and reuse at home? Let us know!

Here are some more photos from our excursion.


  1. Hi Preps

    It looks like you are learning a lot about how to care for our environment. I think there may be a few people in Prep who may become members of the Environment Team when they get to Grade 5/6!

    From Ms Scott

  2. Hello Prep,
    I am very interested in the information you have learnt about recycling. Your pictures and comments are helping me learn about how we do and how we can look after our environment. I'm definitely coming back to your Blog to learn more.
    From Mrs Clark

  3. Dear Preps
    At our home, we have a compost bin for all our vegetable scraps. We then use the compost to grow our vegies. We also give some scraps to the chickens. We also recycle the rain water into a tank to water our garden and wash our cars etc.

  4. Dear Ms Scott, Mrs Clark and Mrs Coffa,
    Thank you for commenting on our blog. Thank you Mrs Coffa for telling us what you reuse and recycle. We hope lots of families will share with us and tell us how they recycle and reuse.
    From Prep K


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