Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CRAZY Hair Day!

Today we had Crazy Hair Day. The social justice team in our school decided to raise money to help children in Sudan. So we came to school with our craziest hairdos and brought a gold coin donation . We raised $300.00 - a spectacular effort!

The Preps decided to match their crazy hair with crazy faces!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wild Action Zoo - Hands on Learning

Today we were so lucky to have Chris from Wild Action Zoo bring some very special visitors to school. We learnt so much about Australian animals and we got to touch and hold all the animals - even a saltwater crocodile called Rex!
Thanks Chris, Bumpy Stumpy, Spencer, Terrence, Freddo, Bernard, Ollie, Rex, Tiffany and Simba for teaching us so much! 
We learnt from experts today.

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Now we are going to choose an animal to investigate.

What is your favourite animal? Why? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Bus Called Heaven

During Book Week we read Bob Graham's picture story book called A Bus Called Heaven. We were inspired to create our own community buses. We had so much fun!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning from Experts - US!

This week we became experts and shared a special interest or talent.

We brainstormed our talents and interests, then we chose an area we would like to share and teach to others. 

Prep D and Prep K worked together to make our expert groups. 

Our activities were - ballet, string tricks, board games, colouring insoccer, football, gardening (planting seeds) and running

Each team had time to practise what and how they would share their expertise and our Grade six buddies came to help us work out the steps. 

I felt grateful because I was teaching all my friends to do string tricks. Hannah B

As an expert all I had to do was try. Ben

To be an expert I felt happy because I like teaching people. Aly

I had to say to my friends you have to concentrate to make the colour stay in the lines. Zachary

Mrs David heard Sophia encouraging others when they were learning how to plant seeds.

I had to explain how to put your pinkies in the string (string tricks). Annie 

I listened when I was a learner. I listened to the expert about dribbling the ball. Nicholas

When I was doing string tricks I had to keep practising because it was really hard but I didn't give up. Kobe

The day was awesome because it was fun when we had to teach people how to do all the activities. Matthew

Here are some photos of our expert groups!

Learning from Experts! on PhotoPeach


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Week - Champions Read!

This week is Book Week! We came to school dressed as CHAMPIONS!
Watch our Voicethread to see and hear all about the Champions we love!

We love reading books in Prep!

What are your favourite books!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Love Learning!

I love the enthusiasm and interest the Preps have for their learning. 

Look at Mia making the sound of the week with her sandwich crusts at lunchtime! Can you guess what the letter was?

Hamish brought an experiment for Show and Tell (for the letter x) - to show how water moves through a plant. He brought some celery that he had put in some food dye and water. The xylem are thick walled tubes that draw water up through the plant and out to the leaves.

The celery has a bluish tinge to it from the food dye
We Love Learning!

Friday, August 17, 2012

3D shapes!

Today in Maths we were learning about 3D shapes. We had to make a house using connect cubes and blocks. Then some of us described our houses and talked about the shapes we used. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Mini Olympics!

Today we had our school mini Olympics. We gathered together in our collaborative groups to celebrate the true spirit of the Olympic games. We worked together, helped each other and had FUN!
Here are just some of the activities we had during our mini Olympics.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wonderful Witches!

Wacky Wednesday - a great day to make wonderful witches! We had so much fun.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Action - In Action!

Here are some photos of the nesting boxes we made and the beautiful possums who are using them while they recuperate at Adriana's wild life shelter. You can read about our action here and here and here
We think the possums look very happy and content - what do you think?
Thanks Mrs David for the PhotoPeach.

Our Nesting Boxes! on PhotoPeach

Friday, August 3, 2012

PJ Day!

Today we had PJ Day. We raised $280.00 to support the homeless people in our Melbourne community. We had a great day - read all about it in the Wallwisher below. Mrs Kennedy typed our thoughts and reflections.
A big thank you to our school community for their generosity!

Here are some photos of our great day! 
Everyone brought along their favourite bedtime buddy. We had toast for breakfast and we chose our favourite toppings. Yum!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exploring new tools

In Prep we are trying to become more independent using technology. We are looking for tools that are easy for us to navigate and use. 

Today we were talking about subtraction in maths. We used bowling skittles to make take away stories from 10. So Aly used ShowMe to record her learning - it is a quick and easy tool to use.

We had a go at hitting the skittles - we counted how many we knocked down - how many were left? - we talked about our story with our team - we wrote our story using numbers and symbols.

Working with ShowMe on the iPad

What tools do you use to record your learning?
Can you tell us about easy to use tools?

Tom's Voki!

Tom is the first Prep to make a Voki. He designed his own Voki and Mrs Kennedy typed his special message. Great work Tom and a wonderful message!