Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creativity in Maths - 3D Shapes!

In Maths we have been exploring 3D shapes. We used lots of materials and 3D shapes to build houses. We worked with a partner to plan the design of our houses and share our ideas. Some of the features we added to our creations were: a fountain, a swimming pool, a balcony, a double story house, a garage with a car, a staircase, outdoor furniture and one group even built a palace and a disco! and another group built a mansion with a waterfall - all using 3D shapes. Very, very creative!

When we had finished we shared our houses and talked about the shapes we had used. 

What 3D shapes do you know?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

God's Creation

In Religion we have been thinking about our wonderful world and how grateful we are. We also realise that God asks us all to look after and care for the world He has given us.

When we were thinking about our thank you prayers, we were trying very hard to think of interesting words to describe our paintings and the special parts of God's creation. 

Tell us what you are thankful for!  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Great Australian Road Trip!

Cameras! Lights! Action!

On Tuesday night we had a fabulous school concert. A family took us on a trip around Australia. We celebrated our wonderful country through song and dance. The Preps worked hard all last term practising their dances and learning the words to the songs.

Congratulations everyone for another amazing concert!

What was your favourite part of the concert? What did you enjoy?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The Preps had a fabulous excursion to The Gould League in Moorabbin (thanks Mrs Coffa!) to learn about how we can reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill by reusing and recycling. 

The Gould League was an amazing place - it even had its very own shrinking machine allowing the Preps to explore the inside of a compost bin. So many hands on activities - the Preps were totally engaged all day. 

A big thank you to Mrs. Reszka, Mrs. David, Sonya, Suzi and Emma for helping to make this day fantastic and for taking such great photos to share. 

Also thank you to Kirsten from the Gould League who ran the day and was amazing! 

We learnt:

- if you drop rubbish on the road it will go down the holes on the side of the road and into the ocean. Gracie

- if you put your recycling in a bag they (the Recycling team) can't open the bag. Alexa

- you need to put the rubbish in the right bin. Joshua

- if you put the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin they can't recycle anything. Chantelle 

- that rubbish need to go in the right bin because it will hurt the environment. Stephanie

- that butchie boys come in all different sizes. Niamh

- that worms can be so helpful because they help the environment. Campbell

- that bottles go in the blue bin and plastic bags go in the red bin. James

- that you can't put oranges and lemons in the worm farm. Eva

- that you can put newspaper into the worm farm. Caitlin

The Gould League on PhotoPeach

- that orange peels don't go in the worm farm. Hamish

- that oranges go in the rubbish bin. Patrick

- that you have to put the right rubbish in the right bin. Elva

- that you put the right rubbish in the right bin. Sophie

- when you put rubbish in a bag and tie it up the truck comes and takes it to the MRF and the people at the MRF are not allowed to open it. Simon

- about the sad compost bin. Declan

- we can't recycle diapers. Joel

- if you put the wrong rubbish into the wrong bin it can't be recycled. Riley

- if you put your rubbish in a plastic bag they can't open the bag. Rosie

- if you put oranges in the worm farm the worms will die. Frances

The Gould League on PhotoPeach

Our mission is to share all that we have learnt with our school and wider community. We are all responsible for looking after our environment.

What can you do to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill?