Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Miracle of New Life!

Today we were able to watch a miracle right before our very eyes! One of our chicks hatched and we were there to watch. So far we have had 3 chicks hatch and they have all been yellow so we had a big surprise when we saw that our new chick had black downy feathers. 
Tom was the first Prep to discover that black chicks come out of white eggs and yellow chicks come out of brown eggs. 

We realised that the chick uses a lot of energy to break out of the shell and needs to have a big rest when it finally arrives.

We were so excited to watch the chick hatch - most of us had never seen this before.

Have you ever watched a chick hatch? 
Take a look at our video.

A Very Special Day!

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Harry O'Brien from the Collingwood football club. For our Quadblogging friends we play Australian rules football in Australia. Collingwood is one of the TOP teams in the AFL (and Mrs Kennedy's favourite team). 

Harry is an ambassador for UNICEF and works to help children all over the world. He came to our school to help us think about those children in the world who do not have basic rights such as the right to an education, fresh water and food. Harry helped us to understand that we can do and be whatever we want to be if we work and try hard. 

Thank you for visiting us today Harry and sharing your message!

Harry and the Preps!

Harry read a story about the importance of education for everyone!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our chickens have arrived!

Today when we arrived at school, our chickens were waiting for us. Three eggs had hatched overnight so we had six chickens in the playpen (we had three in the playpen who were already newly hatched). There are nine eggs left in the incubator.

We noticed that the chickens make a lot more noise than our rabbits did! We like the chirping sound they make!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look at our kittens now!

We have done a great job looking after our rabbits. They are happy and healthy! We have loved having the rabbits and watching them grow and change. We have treated them gentleness and kindness.

What a Surprise!

Today Mrs David and Mrs Kennedy had a big surprise for the Preps. All over our classrooms there were little treasures that held clues to who would be the next visitors to our classrooms.
We had a treasure hunt and discovered - EGGS!  We tried to guess what was inside our eggs and we thought perhaps it might be - a chicken! Some Preps thought it might be a turtle or a snake. One Prep thought it might be a giraffe - but we didn't think so. 

Here we are! 
Next week - chickens!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our RSPCA visit.

RSPCA visit on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Visit to the RSPCA!

Today Prep D and Prep K visited the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). We learnt so much about caring for animals and the important work the RSPCA does. 

We learnt a song about the five things animals need to grow and be happy:

Food and water, friends and shelter. Exercise, exercise. 
Vets give information and the vaccination, 
Now you try - learn the five!

Our Discoveries:

Cows eat hay and we patted Jenny the cow. She was soft. Ben

Even big animals like cows and horses can be helped at the RSPCA. Mia

Cows give us milk and we can make butter from the milk. Matthew

The RSPCA helps small animals and then tries to find  new owners (for the animals). Nicholas

Even big animals can get scared so when we are loud they can get scared. Aly

We saw a rabbit with red eyes and it looked strange. Rabbits have different coloured eyes just like us. Zachary

Jenny the cow had a moo ball to play with. Animals need toys so they can play. Bethany

I learnt that Jenny the cow only has bottom teeth so then she wont bite us. Annie

Billy the goat ate the food in our hands. He was crazy! Hamish

Billy the goat licked me when he was eating - it was tickly. Hannah B

I learnt that Vets care for lots of animals. Vets help animals who are sick. Tom

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A carrot for breakfast!

Today Ruby had a carrot and her babies wanted to share with her! Take a look!

Preps - talk to your family about the kittens and Ruby. Tell them about how you felt when the kittens were out of the hutch and hopping around. What did they feel like? What did you need to remember when the kittens came close to you? Make a comment on our blog with your family.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Kittens are growing and changing!

Yesterday we let the kittens out of the hutch for a little play. We are amazed at how quickly our baby rabbits are growing.
They were very adventurous and one or two tried to escape!
We were very gentle and quiet when the bunnies were hopping around.
They liked to nibble at some of the Prep's runners!
The kittens are so amazing to watch.

The kittens were sniffing and exploring
Hop, hop, hop!

One of our kittens made a new friend!

Gentle - warm and cosy!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Custom Glitter Text
Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful Mums!
We hope you have a fantastic day. The Preps have made a voicethread about their Mums and why they love them.


What do you love about your Mum?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Curious Kittens!

At only two weeks of age one of our rascally rabbits was off and running (or hopping?)! We needed to clean out the hutch so we put Ruby and the kittens into a pen. One of the kittens climbed out of the nest and went for a big explore! He even squeezed through the pen and hopped around the classroom for a little while.

There was great excitement as little Houdini was hopping and exploring.

What do you think would be  a good name for our curious kitten?

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today we were very lucky to make some new friends through Skype. We had visited their blog Perfect Preps and saw they had some pet turtles in their classroom. We are learning about what living things need to grow and change so we thought of some questions to ask Prep T about caring for their turtles.
Prep T then thought about our questions and prepared their answers. We learnt all about caring for turtles.

Thank you Miss Tonelli and Prep T for sharing with us!

I learnt that the turtles didn't stay in the tank all day. Annie

I learnt that turtle shells are made from scales. Nicholas

I discovered that  turtles like to sun bake. Hannah A

I learnt that the turtles need love and care. Zachary

I discovered that the turtles scales came off  the shell because it was growing. Hamish

I discovered that the turtles need to sleep when all the Preps are at home so that they have some quiet time. Ben

I discovered that turtles don't need to be in water all the time. Kobe

I learnt turtles eat frozen food. Mia

I discovered that we don't know if our rabbits are boys or girls and Prep T don't know if their turtles are boys or girls. Bethany

I discovered that turtles lay eggs. Matthew

I discovered that turtles eat fresh fish. Tom

Everyday we feed our rabbits and Prep T feed their turtles everyday. Hannah B

I discovered that Prep T clean the turtles tank with a filter. Aly

We were also able to share our discoveries about our rabbits. 

We love skyping our friends!

Here is one of Prep T's turtles
We showed Prep T our baby rabbits

We had to listen carefully and speak clearly

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The kittens are growing!

We are amazed at how fast the baby rabbits (kittens) are growing. They have more fur, they are bigger in size and they are more active in the nest. Very soon they will be out and about.

We discovered today that we have 7 kittens (not 6)!! One must have been hiding!! Seven little babies to care for.

The fluff in the nest is from Ruby.

Before she gives birth, the mum pulls her fur out to create a warm and cosy nest.

A perfect paw!

So warm and cosy.

How many babies can you count?

We put Ruby in a pen to have some exercise - she loved tearing up the newspaper!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ruby and her baby kittens.

We took some video of the rabbits today and tried to answer some of your questions.

Thank you to all our Quadblogging friends and families for visiting and commenting.

Have you seen baby rabbits before?
What do you notice about our baby rabbits?