Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Community Helpers!

In our community we have:

Jack's dad came to school to tell us about being a Policeman.

This is what we learnt:
I learnt that Police can ride horses. Andy
I learnt that the Police ride in helicopters. Eva
I didn't know that Police have handcuffs. Matthew
I didn't know that you are not allowed to talk on your phone when you are driving. Kirra
Steve told us that we have to wear our helmets when we are riding our bikes. Caoimhe
When you ring 000 you will find the Police but you only ring if there is an emergency. Aerodyne
I learnt that the Police go to the footy to make sure people stay safe. Georgia

Noah's dad came to school to tell us about being a doctor.

We discovered:
Doctors help people who are sick or hurt. Molly
They give people check ups to make sure they are healthy. Will H
A doctor takes a blood test, listens to your heart and takes your temperature. Jake
Noah's Dad hit Noah's knee and his leg went straight up (reflex). Will P
Doctors need x-rays to see if your bones are healthy. Vivienne

Are you a Community helper?
Do you know any other Community Helpers that you could share with us?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speed Stacking!

Yesterday Prep K were very lucky to participate in Speed Stacking. Mrs Bellesini made this photopeach to show everyone the fun and excitement.

The Preps had a fantastic time! Thanks Mrs Bellesini.
Have you ever had a go at speed stacking?
What do you do to train your brain?

Friday, November 11, 2011

On Monday Prep K and Prep S said the prayer at our weekly school assembly. We have been learning about families in Religion so we wrote a prayer about why we love our families. After assembly, we made a voicethread sharing our prayer.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Community.

Our Inquiry topic this term is 'Our Community'. We went for a walk around our neighbourhood to see what is in our community. We took our cameras with us and took photos of what we discovered. Then we made a voicethread using our photos and sharing what we saw in our community.

We would like our quadblogging friends to share what your communities are like - so we can learn more about you and where you live. We also want to see where we are the same and different.

Tell us about your community - does it look the same as ours? Do you have the same things we do?

Please add your ideas to our voicethread.