Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Litter Detectives!

For our Inquiry this term we are looking at how we can make a difference to the environment by reducing landfill through reusing and recycling

Today we were Litter Detectives and went for a walk around our neighbourhood  to see if we would find any rubbish. Luke, Hannah and Aly had a map of our streets and when we saw some rubbish they marked it on the map. We took photos of the kinds of rubbish that we saw.

This is what we discovered:

There was no rubbish around the shops at the end of our street. We think that might be because there were two rubbish bins for people to put their rubbish in.

The other streets around our school looked very clean and rubbish free.

In the street that our school is on, we saw quite a bit of rubbish and we were surprised. We think the rubbish was there because
  • there are no rubbish bins in the street
  • people have dropped their wrappers and containers
  • the wind may have blown it out of rubbish bins
  • the rubbish has fallen out of bins when the garbage collector has picked up the bins
We looked at the rubbish and we thought that some of the rubbish had been on the street for a long time. Some of the bottles and plastic containers should have been put in the recycling bin. 

We have a problem!
What can we do to help clean up our street?
Please let us know your ideas!

Preps, talk to your families and friends and see if you can find an answer to our problem.

Here are some photos of our discoveries:

Litter Detectives! on PhotoPeach

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wearing blue for UNICEF!

Today we all wore blue to school to raise money and awareness for the children in our world who do not have the opportunities we have. Last term Harry O'Brien came to talk to us about children who are not able to go to school.

We wanted to help so we have raised $300.00 for UNICEF!

Taking action that matters!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Excursion to CERES

On Wednesday we went to CERES (the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Studies). CERES is an award winning, not-for profit, sustainability centre in Brunswick, Melbourne.

We learnt so much about caring for the environment by recycling and reusing to reduce landfill. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making shapes!

Today in Maths we used toothpicks and blu-tack to make shapes. We had to think about the number of sides and corners - is it an opened or closed shape? Some of us made 2D shapes and some Preps made 3D shapes.

Hamish, Hannah and Tom explained their shapes using ShowMe on the iPad.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating our Past

On Grandparents Day we had a very special activity - we planted fruit trees donated by Bunnings.
We discovered the land St. Luke's is built on used to be an orchard so we thought it would be a great idea to plant some fruit trees as a symbol of the past.

Thank you Ms Scott and the Environment Team for all your hard work. Our mini orchard will remind us all of the history of our wonderful school.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A special visitor!

On Wednesday Aly's mum Rachael came to tell us about what St. Luke's was like when she came to school. Rachael came to St. Luke's in 1986 and she was here for Grades 4, 5, and 6.

Rachael told us some very interesting things about what St. Luke's was like years ago.

The Principal was Ms D'Prazer.
There were no computers and each room had a chalkboard.
Rachael can remember cleaning the blackboard dusters outside with a ruler.
The Adventure playground had wooden equipment with a concrete tunnel.
The oval was a big patch of grass with holes.
Their hats were not blue, they were red.
They didn't wear windcheaters with the school logo printed on it, they wore woollen jumpers with a school badge.
There was no hill.
The toilets used to be where the Discovery Centre is now.
Rachael won 'student of the week' and we have 'star of the week'.
The tuck shop was opened everyday!
The tuck shop used to be where the new office is.
Rachael didn't learn about the Letterland characters.
The students used to sit in wooden desks instead of tables.
The school uniform was the same as it is today.
Mrs Davey (our Librarian) used to drive Rachael home from school.

Thank you Rachael for sharing! We loved hearing about St. Luke's and how it used to be.

School has certainly changed!
What do you remember about your school days?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

St. Luke's Day - Our Grandparents came to school!

As part of our special activities to celebrate our parish and school's 50th Anniversary we invited our Grandparents to school. We had a wonderful day showing them our work and classrooms. We were so excited to see them! 

Thank you to all our Grandparents who were able to come to school today - we loved having you.

Some of the Preps used ShowMe on the iPad to take a photo of their Grandparents and tell us why they are so special.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Action!

 Last term we were very lucky to have Mary from the RED (Recycling + Education = the Difference) group come to talk to us about how we can reuse plastic to make something new and useful. 

Our action for our Inquiry this term is to collect flexible plastic to be reused and made into something useful for our school.
We want to collect 250kg of flexible plastic - we will need the help of all our families and friends to reach our goal!
Here is the presentation Mary showed us with so many interesting facts:

RED from marieck

We want to make a difference and take action that matters.
What do you do to recycle and reuse?

Celebrating at St. Luke's!

We have been celebrating our 50th Anniversary this week. Part of the celebrations included an Art show and lots of memorabilia from the past. We loved looking at the old photographs and sitting in the old desks! 
Here we are exploring and enjoying our very special celebrations.

50th Anniversary! on PhotoPeach

Friday, October 12, 2012

St Luke's 50th Anniversary!

Custom Glitter Text

We are very proud of our school! On Sunday we will have a special celebration for our 50th Anniversary. The Preps thought about what they enjoy about St. Luke's. Here are their responses:
What do you love about St. Luke's?

I love to play in the playground. Aly

I like playing with my friends. Bethany

I like PJ Day because we made toast. Nick

I like St Luke's because we can learn new things. Mia

I like St Luke's because I like doing Art. Hamish

St. Luke's is very exciting because the 50th anniversary is coming. Hannah B .

We had so much fun on crazy hair day. Zachary

I like St. Luke's because it's a beautiful place. The flowers and the people. Kobe

St. Luke's is fantastic because it is so fun. Sophia

St. Luke's is a good place with nice people and we make new friends. Ben

I like St. Luke's because it's the coolest place I've ever been.  Matthew

I like St. Luke's because we have special days and special activities. Thomas

I like St. Luke's because we do Maths and we learn about numbers.  Annie

What do (or did) you love about your school?