Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hairy Harry Haircuts!

Snip snip! We gave our Hairy Harrys a haircut.
We hope you enjoy the show.

Very Hairy Hairy Harrys!

Our Hairy Harrys have grown so much. We looked at the Hairy Harrys that had no light, no soil and no water.
We decided that the Hairy Harry with no light still grew however the hair was yellow and not green. We discovered that grass needs sunlight to make it green.
Our Hairy Harry with no soil grew really well because it had water and light. We wonder if it will keep growing without food?
Our Hairy Harry without water did not grow at all! We discovered that plants need water to grow - without water (even though there was light and soil) plants will not grow.


No water.

No light (on the left)

No light. What do you notice?

No water (left), no light (right) and no soil (front). What do you notice?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaleidoscopes - Better Buddies!

Today our Buddies from Grade Six came to help us make kaleidoscopes. We have been exploring colour and a kaleidoscope is a wonderful way to see the magic of light and colour. 

We needed our Buddies to help us follow the steps to make the kaleidoscope - it was a bit tricky!

Now we have our very own rainbows of colour!

I wonder how a kaleidoscope works?

What do good learners do?

All this term we have been thinking about what good learners do. We brainstormed our ideas and made a chart for our classroom to remind us every day.

Here are our ideas:

What do good learners do?

- they try their best
- they take turns
- they are patient
- they listen to each other
- they listen to the teacher
- they do creative things
- they help others
- they never give up
- they follow the rules
- they cooperate
- they think

What an amazing list from our Preps!

We have made our very first voicethread with our friends in Prep D to share with our families and friends about what good learners do.
We have also been exploring a drawing program called Tux Paint. We made our pictures in Tux Paint.

What do you think good learners do?
Please add to our list by leaving a comment.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Then ... and Now... Our Hairy Harrys!

We have been watching our Hairy Harrys to see how they have changed over the last two weeks. We have made some surprising observations.

Our Hairy Harrys have grown since we made them. Hannah A
While we have been sleeping the Hairy Harrys have grown. Ben

It has been a long time for the Hairy Harry to grow. Bethany
My Hairy Harry only has one root and only two hairs. I wonder what is happening? Hamish
When we looked in the cupboard our Hairy Harry didn't have any hair. Prep D's cupboard Hairy Harry had yellow hair. We decided to put our Harry in Prep D's cupboard. Mia
I think our Hairy Harry needs a warm cupboard to grow. Aly
My Hairy Harry has grown a hair at his eye and lots of hair at the back. Hannah B
My Hairy Harry took a very long time to grow hair. Annie
Our Hairy Harrys need seeds, soil, water and sun to grow. Zachary
You have to put in water and soil and seeds to make the Hairy Harrys grow. They need sun. Matthew
My Hairy Harry has got the most hair. I think it had the most water. Tom
My Hairy Harry has lots of hair because of the seeds and the water and the soil. The roots helped it to grow. Nicholas
My Hairy Harry has grown hair because of the roots. The roots suck up food and water and it helps the plant grow. Kobe

Here are our Hairy Harrys - Then and Now! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Location, Location!

Today in Maths we explored location words. Location words help us describe where we are.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look what has happened ......

Some of our Hairy Harrys have started to grow hair!
Not all our Harrys are growing. I wonder why?

This Hairy Harry has no soil! Look how it has grown.

No soil.

Here we are!
Why do you think only some of our Hairy Harrys have grown?
Why is the Harry without soil growing so well?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marvellous Monsters!

Watch out! Prep K have created their own Marvellous Monsters!

We were very creative today and used lots of different materials to make our monsters. We hope you enjoy the show!

I Wonder ..... What happens when we look through our coloured glasses?

Today we made some glasses so that we could look at our world in a different way. We decorated them and chose some cellophane to put over the lenses.
Before we went out to explore, we thought about how our playground might look. Would we see different colours? How would the colour of our glasses change the colours we saw?

Here are the discoveries we made:

Hamish discovered that green glasses didn’t change much.

Nothing changed in the playground with green glasses. Nicholas

Mia discovered everything looked pink through the red glasses.

Kobe discovered that the playground, which is blue, looks purple through the red glasses.

The running track is red and when we looked through red glasses it was orange. Aly

Green leaves change to yellowy-green when you look through yellow glasses. Hannah B

Everything looks yellow when you wear yellow glasses. Bethany

The blue bin looks purple when you look through red glasses. Hannah A

The red mushrooms turned green when I looked through green glasses. Ben

The sky is pink through red glasses. Matthew

The yellow paper looked orange and the blue paper looked purple looking through red glasses. Annie

Enjoy our photos:
Colour My World! on PhotoPeach