Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

We have had such a wonderful year blogging and making new friends all over the world. We are now beginning our summer holidays and will be back in February 2012. 
Prep K and Mrs Kennedy would love to thank all our families and friends who have supported our blog this year. Special thanks to our friends A3, Miss Mac, Miss Lepou and A4 at Papatoetoe East Primary in New Zealand for sharing with us this year. Also to our Quadblogging buddies Stoke Bishop Primary, Mrs England's Kindergarten and Kids with a View and Mrs Laburn for wonderful learning and sharing.
We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year. See you in 2012!
Here is a special Christmas song sung by the Preps and the Junior students at St. Luke's. We hope you enjoy it!

Good bye Andy

We were sad today as we said good bye to one of our Prep K friends, Andy. Andy is moving to another school and we would like to wish him lots of happiness and fun. We wanted to thank Andy and his wonderful family for being an important part of the St. Luke's community. Good luck Andy - we will miss you!

We made Andy a special 'memories' book

Prep K and Prep S with Andy
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Community Helpers - Paramedics

Yesterday we had a very special Community Helper visit us. Mrs Coffa's friend Jane told us all about being a Paramedic.

Jane the Paramedic
Paramedics use many different vehicles to help people

Here is some of the equipment Jane uses as a Paramedic

Thanks for sharing Jane - Paramedics are very important Community Helpers!
We discovered:
I didn't know that Paramedics could fly in a helicopter. Georgia

I learnt that Paramedics went in ambulances. Andy

I discovered that Paramedics ride a bike at the football to move through the crowds. Eva

I learnt that Paramedics are very important because they help everybody when they are hurt. Will H

I learnt that Paramedics help people when they are sick. Vivienne

I didn't know that Paramedics have to drive an ambulance before they can drive MICA car. Oscar

I learnt what a Paramedic because I didn't know what a Paramedic was. Kirra

I discovered that ambulances can cross the road when the lights are red because they might have someone really sick that they need to take to hospital. Molly

I learnt that the Paramedics take the hurt people to the hospital. Caoimhe

I learnt that Paramedics have badges that glow in the dark when a light shines on it. Matthew

Ring 000 if you need the Police Fire or Ambulance - but only if you really need them! If it's an emergency. Aerodyne

I learnt that Paramedics have lots of vehicles like bikes, ambulances, planes and helicopters. Will P

Saturday, December 3, 2011

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