Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29th February 2012!

Prep D and Prep K HAD to celebrate this very special day by making the number 29!  

29th February 2012!

What is a leap year?

When will the next leap year occur?
How old will you be?

I Wonder ..............

To help us begin to think and wonder about the world we have made our Hairy Harrys. We were thinking about what the Hairy Harrys need to grow?  Together we decided that the Harrys need water, soil and light to grow.

Hairy Harry in the cupboard (no light).
What would happen if we put a Hairy Harry in the cupboard (no light)? Hannah B thought the Harry would die. Some Preps thought the Harry would not grow.

Hairy Harry - no water.
We also have one Hairy Harry without water - what will happen?

We have one Harry without soil.

Hairy Harry - no soil.
We are being real scientists and are watching (observing) our Hairy Harrys to see what happens.

Watching ... waiting ... watching ...waiting .... I wonder what will happen!

Here we are with our Hairy Harrys.
Keep visiting to see what happens next!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Off and running!

We have had a very busy start to the year.
There is so much to learn and do when you start school. Prep K are doing a sensational job and are working hard to always do their best.
Today we made pancakes! We hope you enjoy our very first slide show for the year!

Tell us about your first days at school.
What are your favourite activities?