Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Friends in New Zealand!

Today we skyped with our friends from New Zealand All Things Great and Small and Good Things Come in Small Packages. We were very excited to meet them at last. Prep S and Prep K will be sending their wombats Wattle and Wally over to New Zealand to visit A3 and A4. They are sending their giraffe Wally to us. This will be Wally's first visit to Australia so we are very excited and will share lots of wonderful experiences with him.

Wattle and Wally, our twins, are having their first trip away - we will miss them but we know they will have a FANTASTIC time and share lots of stories with us when they come home.

Thank you to A3 and A4 for skyping with us today!


  1. That is so exciting preps. I am sure your wombats will be well taken care of. What special things did you discover while skyping your friends in new Zealand?
    From mrs Gridley and juniorg

  2. I can't wait to hear what those wombats will get up to in NZ.I am sure they will do wonderful things and our friends will share their adventures with us. I know that you will take good care of Wally the Giraffe when he comes to stay at St LUkes! What will special things will you do with Wally when he is with us?

  3. Hi Prep K. We loved meeting you all yesterday. Wally is very excited about his trip to Australia, although he is a little scared of snakes. We can't wait to meet Wattle and Wally!
    From A3 and Miss Mac

  4. It was nice meeting you. We can't wait to meet Wattle and Wally! NExt time we see you, we will sing you a song!


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