Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Community Helpers - Paramedics

Yesterday we had a very special Community Helper visit us. Mrs Coffa's friend Jane told us all about being a Paramedic.

Jane the Paramedic
Paramedics use many different vehicles to help people

Here is some of the equipment Jane uses as a Paramedic

Thanks for sharing Jane - Paramedics are very important Community Helpers!
We discovered:
I didn't know that Paramedics could fly in a helicopter. Georgia

I learnt that Paramedics went in ambulances. Andy

I discovered that Paramedics ride a bike at the football to move through the crowds. Eva

I learnt that Paramedics are very important because they help everybody when they are hurt. Will H

I learnt that Paramedics help people when they are sick. Vivienne

I didn't know that Paramedics have to drive an ambulance before they can drive MICA car. Oscar

I learnt what a Paramedic because I didn't know what a Paramedic was. Kirra

I discovered that ambulances can cross the road when the lights are red because they might have someone really sick that they need to take to hospital. Molly

I learnt that the Paramedics take the hurt people to the hospital. Caoimhe

I learnt that Paramedics have badges that glow in the dark when a light shines on it. Matthew

Ring 000 if you need the Police Fire or Ambulance - but only if you really need them! If it's an emergency. Aerodyne

I learnt that Paramedics have lots of vehicles like bikes, ambulances, planes and helicopters. Will P


  1. Hello Class,

    You are so lucky to have community helpers visit you. First of all a police, now a paramedic. They are very important people in our community.

    From all of your comments, I can see you have learnt quite a bit. I see you also know about ringing 000 in an emergency. That is a very important phone number to know.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Thank you Ross for your comment. We learnt a lot about Community helpers this term. We were so lucky to have our special guest speakers to share their work with us.
    From Prep K


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