Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Action - Can you help us?

A couple of weeks ago we did a litter audit around our local area. We discovered that there was quite a bit of rubbish in the street our school is on. So today we had a letter box drop to ask the people who live in the street if they could pick up any rubbish they see outside their houses. We are trying to care for the environment and would like to encourage everyone to help!
Here is the flyer we created together:

We hope that we can make a difference and that the people in our community will help us!

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  1. Great action Preps. Let's hope people in the street read the pamphlet and keep the street tidy. Do YOU keep YOUR street tidy as well? I always pick up any stray rubbish near my house, but lucklily there isn't too much rubbish around. Every paper you pick up makes a difference.
    Mrs Bellesini


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