Friday, September 3, 2010

What can we do to care for our school environment?

We made posters to spread our messages to everyone in the school so that we can all be responsible for caring for the environment! At playtime and lunchtime the Preps make annoucements over the PA to remind everyone of our important messages.



Hi there,
I'm a 5th grade teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
I loved your voicethread. You did an awesome job.
It's so important to care for the school environment!
I'd love to show your voicethread to my students, if that's ok with you.
Keep blogging and sharing what you do!
Greta Sandler

Learning Together

Hi Greta
Thank you for your comment. We think it is very important to care for the environment. Please do show your students our voicethread - we would love our messages to be heard in Argentina! Do you have a class blog - we would like to visit if you do.
Have a wonderful day
From Prep K


Hi there!
Thanks! I really appreciate it! I'll show your voicethread to my students next week.
So true... we must care for our environment. Spreading the word is so important.
I don't have a class blog, but my students have blogs. Here's the link: It'd be great if you visited their blogs. My students are really excited about blogging.
Thanks again!
Have a great weekend!
Greta Sandler


I'm a 4th grade teacher from Richmond, Texas (SW of Houston, Texas). I love your message. I've added it to my kids Edmodo, some of them will be coming to visit you next week.

We have just been in school for 2 weeks, but we have Labor Day off on Monday.


I hope I am not the only one who finds it seriously amazing and cool that the work of 5-6 year olds in Melbourne Australia (and their wonderful teacher)is being shared in Argentina and Texas and who knows where else!!
I love the power of blogging.


Dear Preps,
The Middles listened to your messages all week and thought you did an amazing job. You helped us to remember how to care for the environment.

Learning Together

Thanks Greta
We will visit your blogs soon!
Have a great week.
From Prep K

Learning Together

Thank you kherbert
We look forward to hearing from your students. We are very excited to have our message heard in Texas!
From Prep K

Learning Together

We love blogging too Mrs Coffa! :)

Learning Together

Dear Middles
Thank you for your comment - we hope that everyone will care for our school and keep the environment clean.
From Prep K

Miss Yeomans

Hi Prep K

What a fantastic voicethread! This is a great way to share your messages about caring for the environment. I like the way you worked together as a group to make your posters and said your message as a group.

Wow - Preps get to use the PA to remind students about caring for the environment. Do you have a roster to do this?

Miss Yeomans :)

Learning Together

Hi Miss Yeomans,
We have two Prep grades and our grade reads our messages before play time and the other Prep do their messages before lunch. We don't have a roster but we think it's a great idea so we are going to make one today. Thank you for commenting on our blog. Enjoy your holidays!
From Prep K

James Barclay

It was a great message
Its great to remember the environment.


Hi Prep K,
How cool are you guys!!
I love your work and the way you, and your fabulous teacher, are helping to care for our environment. As a scientist, it's wonderful to see such young people doing an amazing job for our planet. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more about your activities.

Learning Together

Hi Lucy!
Thank you for your comment. We would like to know what kind of scientist are you? Jenny would like to know how do you make potions? We have worked very hard this term to care for our school environment. Please visit again.
From Prep K

Jess Blackburn

Hi preps,
I think it's great that you guys are reminding everybody about picking up their rubbish off the ground!!
Thanks J

Noah and Marty

Thank you for reminding us that we have to throw our wrappers in the bin. Great job!!!!!!!!

Bridie Knight

Hey preps
I think all of you did a fantastic job with the voice messages. I think everyone will put rubbish in the bins now!! From

Learning Together

Thank you Jess, Noah and Marty for your comment. We are so happy that we are helping everyone to care for the environment. Our messages are really working! (from Jasmine)
From Prep K


Great Posters Preps!!!

Very Colourful!!!!


Hi Prep K,
Thank you for your message. I am a chemist, that is, I work with medicines in skin creams to help people with skin problems like eczema.
Now, you asked me how to make a potion.
This can be a very tricky job. Firstly you need to be a grown up and put on a white coat and some safety glasses. Small children cannot make potions on their own. Then you need to find a big couldron (called a beaker) and a good mixing paddle. Gently heat the couldron and with careful stirring, slowly add the magical ingredients (called chemicals) until they are joined together to make a colourful mixture. It's sort of like making a cake except you can't eat it. We need lots of new scientists in the world - maybe one day this will be the work you choose to do.

Learning Together

Thank you Lucy, now we know all about the important job Scientists do! We think that some of us will be scientists one day. Thank you for commenting.
From prep K


At our school we also try to care for our environment. We recycle almost all of our paper! We are now down to only 3 bags of trash for all of our school! Keep up the great work. You prep K children should be so proud of yourselves!


I love that the preps are helping the school to learn about caring for the environment. We do our best at home too. Love the poster.
Barb Macaluso

Learning Together

Thank you for your comment Barb (Mum). We are trying very hard to remind people to care for the environment.
From James and Prep K

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