Monday, February 21, 2011

Prep Charter

Today we talked about what we need to do to have a happy year in Prep.
Here is our charter.


  1. Hi Prep K

    These are wonderful goals that you have included in your class charter. I'm sure they will help you to have a very happy year.

    From Ms Scott

  2. Hi Prep K,
    You have thought of some great ideas for your charter and you read them so clearly! I'm sure you will have a great year in Prep K.
    Miss Mac

  3. Your classroom wil be a lovely place to learn.

    Mrs Yore

  4. What a fantastic grade Prep K is.

    Beck Nelsson-Smith

  5. Thank you Ms Scott, Miss Mac, Mrs Yore and Beck for the good comments and for visiting our blog.
    Love from prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  6. Dear Prep K,
    The rain in falling outside my office window but the sun is shining inside me because I got to hear and see your charter. What a great lot of work you have accomplished.


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