Friday, February 18, 2011

What a busy week in Prep.

Take a look at our busy week!
The Preps are settling into school and enjoying making new friends.
Here are just some of our activities!


  1. Hi Prep Ks
    It is very interesting to see what you do in your classroom. We have a lot of the things that you do. We really liked the colourful keyboards you have for your computers.

  2. Hi A4
    Our keyboards are new this year and we really like them. We only have 2 so we can learn to use both types of keyboards.
    Thanks for visiting!
    from Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  3. Hi Prep K

    You have been busy doing lots of activities just like our Prep classes!

    I can see that you have lots of the books that we have in our Library at school. Do you have a favourite book?

    Miss Y :)

  4. Dear Prep K,
    The Hairy Harrys are absolutely fantastic;- they ar all growing so very fast and will need a "harry haircut" really soon.

    Fromm Will P


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