Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Popping Popcorn!

On Tuesday we made popcorn using a Crazy Popper popcorn machine.
We learnt about following a procedure to make popcorn.
Step 1: Pour the corn kernels into the cup

Step 2: Add the kernels to the Crazy Popper

Step 3: Turn on the Crazy Popper

Step 4: Put the bowl under the Crazy Popper to catch the popcorn

Step 5: Watching, waiting - we could feel the heat coming from the Crazy Popper

Step 6: Perfectly popped popcorn!!

Look what happens to the kernel - how does this happen?

This is what we had to say about making popcorn.
Sometimes we forgot what we wanted to say so we had to stop and think and have another go!

Here we are enjoying our popcorn!


  1. Yummy yummy! I love popcorn. It is incredible how that small kernel of corn can change into a big, soft, delicious snack. Did you try adding some different flavours to your popcorn?

  2. Mrs Molly and WillJuly 21, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Wow Prep K!! You don't waste any time getting back to the business of Learning do you??!!
    I wonder what makes the corn go "POP" ??

  3. Dear Prep K,
    It looks like fun popping that popcorn.We are in grade 6 at Leopold Primary School Geelong, Victoria, Australia we are in charge of the buddy program in our class and would love to try some of your idea`s. And have done lots of fun craft and sport idea`s.Do you have a grade 6 buddy program at your School?

    please check out our blog at

    from Casey Chelsea and Jazz and Miki.

  4. Oh yummy! That looks delicious. Your popcorn maker is exactly the same as ours!

  5. Dewar Preps,
    Wow! You have fun while you are learning! How come you didn't visit the Middles today to tell us about your learning? (and to bring some popcorn)

    I'm hungry from Mrs Yore

  6. Hello,
    I loved all the information you shared about making popcorn. It amazes me that something so simple can be so much fun. The KinderKids also enjoy making popcorn. We read a legend about the little guy that lives inside the popcorn kernel and when the kernel is heated he gets so mad he explodes. And that's how popcorn is made.

    We are on summer holidays but when we return to school in September, we will continue to check your blog. We love learning from others around the world.

    Thank you for sharing your learning with us.
    Mrs. Knee and the KinderKids From New Hampshire, USA

  7. Wow Prep K, Was it easy to follow a procedure? Prep S enjoyed making the popcorn as well especially the eating part. I am sure they would make popcorn every day if they could although I think Mr Swann would have something to say about a crazy popper spending so much time in the classroom (he loves to make popcorn too!). I wonder what other procedures we could follow to make new and amazing things?
    Love Prep S and Mrs Swann

  8. Hello Mrs Molly and Will
    We think the popcorn pops because the heat makes the kernel explode!
    Thank you for your popping good question.
    From Prep K

  9. Hello Casey, Chelsea, Jazz and Miki.
    We are very happy to meet you. Last week we were on an excursion to Geelong! We live in Blackburn South.
    We have Better Buddies at St. Luke's and we play with our grade six buddies. We read stories and the grade sixes put on puppet shows for us. We eat lunch together - we love our buddies.
    We will visit your blog soon.
    From Prep K

  10. Dear Mrs. Knee and the Kinder Kids
    We love sharing our learning with other classes around the world. We would love to visit your blog and share together.

    We thought your comment was great (Andy)

    Are your kids learning to reuse boxes and things that are made to be recycled? (Will H)

    I am amazed that you are from America. (Oscar)

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy


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