Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lego Land!

This term our Inquiry unit is Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. We will be looking at how we can reuse objects to create new products. We will be thinking about design and techniques we can use to make new things.
We will also think about how when we reuse materials we are helping to reduce the amount of rubbish we make. We want to help look after our environment.

To start the term we visited the Lego Education Centre at the Docklands to think about design. First we had to design a chair strong enough to hold Papa Bear (Mrs Kennedy) from the story of Golidlocks and the Three Bears. We learnt that we had to overlap the lego bricks to make the chair strong.

Then we had to build a chair for Baby Bear (one that wouldn't break!). We had to work in teams to make one chair per group.

Here are some photos of our chairs.

Baby Bear's Chair on PhotoPeach

We also talked about what we discovered!

Do you reuse materials to reduce rubbish?
What do you reuse and how?
Share your ideas with us!


  1. Hi Prep K

    What a terric idea to be able to build a chair for baby bear with LEGO. It looks like hard work.

    We reuse paper in our classroom. Any paper that is only printed on one side gets added to the reuse paper tray. We use it for our spelling tests and drafts. Mrs S makes books where the pages are made from paper that is only printed on one side.

    Do you reuse paper in your classroom?


    Mrs S and 4DS

  2. Wow, what a fantastic learning experience for you all and I could tell from your videos that you learnt a lot. In New Zealand, we have two rubbish bins for every household that are collected once a week. One bin is for rubbish and the other is for recycling. So we recycle every week.

  3. Hello Mrs S
    Thank you for your comment. We reuse paper that has only been used on one side too. (Oscar)
    Mrs Kennedy really likes your idea of making books out of used paper. Thanks for sharing!
    From Prep K

  4. Hello A4
    We have two bins too. One for rubbish and one for recycling. (Molly)
    We reuse old stuff that has already been used. (Will P)
    We a recycling bin in our classroom. (Oscar)
    The environment team empty the bins everyday and then we start all over again. (Will P)
    From Prep K


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