Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello from Broome!

Hi Preps, Mrs Reszka and Mrs Hibbins!
I am having  a wonderful time on my holiday. It is very hot here and I am staying at a beautiful beach resort. Every evening I see camels walking across the sand just as the sun is setting over the ocean. It is so beautiful to watch. The water is very blue and the sand is nearly white in colour. Here are some photos of the amazing things I have seen!


What am I? I am about 100 million years old!

This is a boab tree. Look at the trunk.
Hi from Broome!

I hope you are having lots of fun and Mrs Reszka and Mrs Hibbins are behaving themselves! :)
Say hello to Prep D and Mrs David and Mrs Klein for me. 
Have a fantastic holiday Preps and I look forward to seeing all of you in term four. 
Let me know what you are doing on the holidays - I would love to hear all about your adventures! 

Bye for now
Love from Mrs Kennedy 

What are you doing on the holidays?
Write a comment and let me know.


  1. Mrs K...all the teachers are jealous of your wonderful holiday. Was the answer to the fossil question, Mrs Yore?

  2. Hi Mrs Kennedy! Wow what an awesome holiday you are having. It looks very hot and dry. Our holidays have just started in New Zealand. Unfortunately it is raining. Enjoy your holiday Preps!


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