Friday, October 12, 2012

St Luke's 50th Anniversary!

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We are very proud of our school! On Sunday we will have a special celebration for our 50th Anniversary. The Preps thought about what they enjoy about St. Luke's. Here are their responses:
What do you love about St. Luke's?

I love to play in the playground. Aly

I like playing with my friends. Bethany

I like PJ Day because we made toast. Nick

I like St Luke's because we can learn new things. Mia

I like St Luke's because I like doing Art. Hamish

St. Luke's is very exciting because the 50th anniversary is coming. Hannah B .

We had so much fun on crazy hair day. Zachary

I like St. Luke's because it's a beautiful place. The flowers and the people. Kobe

St. Luke's is fantastic because it is so fun. Sophia

St. Luke's is a good place with nice people and we make new friends. Ben

I like St. Luke's because it's the coolest place I've ever been.  Matthew

I like St. Luke's because we have special days and special activities. Thomas

I like St. Luke's because we do Maths and we learn about numbers.  Annie

What do (or did) you love about your school?


  1. What a great way to celebrate your school's 50th anniversary by thinking about all the special places at your school. We loved seeing the photos of your school too.
    Do you know our school is 140 years old? We had to go and look at a special sign outside our school that tells us when our school first opened.
    Last term Anna asked us what our special place at our school was. Lots of us think the big slide is a special place. We made a blog post about it too.
    From Room 4
    Hamilton East School

  2. Hello Room 4

    Wow! Your school is 140 years old. We will have to find your blog post and have a look at your school.

    We have a big slide too. The Preps think it is also pretty special.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a great comment.

    From Prep K and Mrs K


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