Sunday, July 28, 2013

Story Box - Our Family Stories

Our Inquiry topic this term is 'story' and we are discovering what we learn from stories. Each Prep has brought a story box to share memories, events and people who are special to their family.
Not all the Preps have shared their story box yet, here are the stories we have heard so far. 

I like my cat Max because he is funny. My cousin Kartia is nice to me she always plays with me. I love my sister because she always plays with me.

I brought a picture of the farm that we went to, to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

The photo I brought was very special because my Great, Great Grandma was in it and I was just a baby when she died.

I went to my cousin's Emily and Anna's house for Christmas and I love them very much because they are the best cousins in the whole wide world.

In my Story box I brought a picture of our first family holiday all together.

My whole family love Harry Potter and we went to the exhibition of Harry Potter in Sydney.

My Baptism was special to my family because my whole family was there.

My Grandma and Pop are special to my family because they live in Newcastle and we have to fly up there. I love them so much and we don't get to see them very often.

My puppies are special to my family because they are babies and they came just after Easter.

When I went to the reptile park I saw some statues of a crocodile, a dinosaur and a komodo dragon. My family likes reptiles.

At the RSPCA I got my bunnies because it was my sister's birthday. I was happy and excited.

I had a picture of my Great, Great Grandma and my Great Grandma. I am named after them - Eugenia.

In my story box I had a picture of me having my first ice-cream with a cherry on the top. It was a very hot day and my cousins and my family were there.

At Christmas my sister and my brother and I sat next to Santa Claus and we had lots of presents.

In my story box I brought a map of Wilsons Promontory because it is a big reminder of something special to my family. A wombat came into our tent to eat some sultanas and one big loaf of bread.

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Thank you to all our parents who have helped make this a very special sharing time for the children.

What is your family story?


  1. Hi Prep,

    I enjoyed reading about your story boxes.

    I think that my story box would have Lucy and Michael in it. I would also include my dog 'Daisy' and my budgie 'Louis'.

    Thanks for sharing your stories.

    Mrs David

  2. Hi Preps,
    My family got together recently for a special occasion and the whole afternoon was about telling stories. It made everyone happy to hear the stories and be reminded of people and places. My daughter Nicole even made a slide show for her story. Your story boxes are full of memories that you should cherish but the wonderful thing is they get added to each day.
    Mrs Clark

  3. What a great way to get to know each other in the class. It was lovely to see the photos and things people brought in their story boxes, and to hear what is special to each family. Sally (Gracie's mum)


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