Sunday, October 27, 2013

God's Creation

In Religion we have been thinking about our wonderful world and how grateful we are. We also realise that God asks us all to look after and care for the world He has given us.

When we were thinking about our thank you prayers, we were trying very hard to think of interesting words to describe our paintings and the special parts of God's creation. 

Tell us what you are thankful for!  


  1. The pictures and words are all so beautiful, I am thankful for the smell of nature, the smell of fresh flowers trees and rain. Emma

  2. There are some wonderful things to be grateful for that you have described Preps - well done. I am thankful for the beautiful beaches that we have - soft sand and clear blue water and for sunshine so we can enjoy these beaches (even though I still love the beach when it is cold). Suzi

  3. God's creature are amazing. My favourite creature is a lion. I also like apple trees, vegetables, the sun and the clouds. Hamish.

  4. Preps, you have painted and described some beautiful parts of God's creation! I am very thankful to God for fruits and vegetables that grow on the trees and from the ground.


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