Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Great Australian Road Trip!

Cameras! Lights! Action!

On Tuesday night we had a fabulous school concert. A family took us on a trip around Australia. We celebrated our wonderful country through song and dance. The Preps worked hard all last term practising their dances and learning the words to the songs.

Congratulations everyone for another amazing concert!

What was your favourite part of the concert? What did you enjoy?


  1. Campbell's grandparents also came along to watch the concert, we were very impressed with the singing and dancing of all the students. We particularly loved the Preps part, everyone did such a great job of remembering the words and dancing. Well done to all. The last song was really good too, seeing everyone on stage together.

  2. Everyone in the performance from each grade was fantastic. I loved all the songs. The Preps were so good. I also really enjoyed the drumming, the sticks and all the singing and dancing. A special mention to the teachers as well - very entertaining. A great job by everyone and I can't wait to see what the next St Luke's production will be. Congratulations everyone! Suzi

  3. The concert was amazing and so entertaining, apart from the preps who I thought were the best, I really enjoyed thunderstruck. Can't wait to watch the DVD. Emma

  4. Hello Preps,
    I really liked your song. I thought you did really well considering it was your first time doing it. You all looked really good. I think all the songs were fantastic! I had lots of fun and I bet you all did too. The teachers dance was pretty cool. Did you guys like it? What was your favourite song? Madeline (Caitlin's sister)

  5. What a wonderful, fantastic performance by the preps. You all did so well and to get up on the stage in front of the school, parents and grandparents was a fantastic effort. Well Done! Rita (Joels mum).

  6. Well done Preps! You performed so beautifully at your first school concert. I can tell from those big smiles that you enjoyed every minute of it.
    Mrs Klein


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