Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Rainbow!

We have created our wonderful rainbow made from lots of materials that would have gone to landfill. You can read about our action here. We are trying hard to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill and have created a beautiful piece of art.


  1. WOW! What a talented and artistic bunch of students! Fantastic effort on this creative and innovative art project :) Where will all these master pieces live now?

  2. Wow Preps! This is so beautiful. What a creative way to reuse things. I hope you enjoyed doing this. Can't wait to see it in your classroom. What happens to it now? Suzi

  3. we love all of the pretty coluers. from Eva and Aerodyne

  4. Hi Preps,
    I really like your rainbow. It looks AMAZING. My favorite colour on the rainbow is green.
    What is yours preps?

    from Matthew

  5. Thank you to all our friends who have left us a comment. We love to hear from you.

    From Prep K

  6. A big congratulations to all the students and teachers involved is this terrific project! You're work is helping to make a big difference to our Planet. It is very inspiring.

  7. Hello Preps,
    Your rainbow looks amazing! The senior classes are learning about the environment and how to recycle things, and it looks like you've done a fantastic job. It looks very colourful and creative. It looks like your having lot's of fun. Do you have the rainbow hanging up in your classroom? See you next time From Georgia :)

  8. I am typing these comments myself (with a little help from Dad)
    The rainbow is cool. The Yellow team did a great job decorating the rainbow.
    See you at school.
    From Hamish

  9. Wow preps! You have some an amazing job of your rainbow. It's great that beautiful art can be made out of bits and pieces that might otherwise be rubbish. Sally


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