Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Smarty Pants!

Today we explored Maths Smart, Word Smart and Art Smart.
We worked together and rotated around the activities.
Look at us at work.
What Smart are you? Let us know!


  1. What fun activities you have in your classroom. I really liked the maths activity you were doing with the shapes. Those dinosaurs were very creative.

    Miss Lepou

  2. Thank you Miss Lepou and A4,
    Will you make a dinosaur one day with A4 using Tricky Tangrams? (Riley)
    Will you make a square? We learnt that you can make 13 differents squares with the tangrams. (Brandon)
    I made the square! (Lachlan)
    I tried to make the square and I did! (Maria)
    From Prep K

  3. HI Prep K, I love the tree made with squiggly lines. I think that doing word searches is lots of fun.

  4. There are so many Smart people in Prep. Your Maths is so creative and fun. It is great tosee all that you are learning.

    From Ms Scott

  5. Dear Mrs. Kennedy and Prep K,

    I think your students are very "Art Smart" !

    I love the beautiful pictures you made from the squiggly lines. I think the students in my class would really enjoy trying this lesson.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Mrs. W

  6. Hi Prep K. I Love your Mr. Swiggle drawings. They are good drawings. You can draw alot. From Reuben.:)

  7. Hi Reuben!
    Thank you for commenting - we love to see our classmates writing on the blog! Fantastic effort
    Love from your friends in Prep.


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