Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Smart - Classical Mandalas

Created by Prep K.


  1. Hello!
    I love your blog pages! They are great!
    I teach in the UK in a town called South Shields. We are in the North East of England. My class is Year 1 and the children are 5 & 6 years old. I can't wait to show them your pages. We've only just started making our blogs so I know they will be thrilled to see how good yours are.
    Well Done!!
    Mrs Coates

  2. Hello Mrs Coates and Grade One! Thank you for visiting our blog and for your lovely comment. We started our blog in July and I spent lots of time exploring fantastic blogs from all over the world. I was on the lookout for blogs showing the learning of children the same age as my students and have found some excellent ones particularly in New Zealand - check out the blog list on our blog. Learning Together . I would love to add yours to our blog list. We have a long weekend for Melbourne Cup Day (a famous horse race!) but when we are back at school we will visit your blog again.
    Looking forward to sharing with you and making new friends in England
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.
    I tried to post this on your blog but it said I needed to add my email address but there wasn't a space for it??

  3. Wow Prep K. Your Mandala's look amazing. We loved doing this activity - I think there are a few music smart children in Prep S. Did you really enjoy doing your work listening to classical music? We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
    Love Prep S and Mrs Swann

  4. Thank you Mrs Swann and Prep S,
    I felt relaxed listening to the music. (Jacob)
    I felt calm when the music was on. (Lachlan)
    I felt happy when I did my Mandala. (Reuben)
    I liked the Mandalas because I loved the beautiful music. (Jennifer)
    I liked the Mandalas because I like to draw and I like the music. (Adol)
    We enjoyed our Mandalas very much!
    Love from Prep K 8)

  5. Hi Prep K, what a creative bunch you are!

    Your Mandalas are beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely colours.

    Love Pauline

  6. Hi Prep K

    You Mandalas are truly beautiful! I love the colours and the patterns and each one is unique just like each of you!

    I think I should play some classical music in our Library - what do you think?

    Miss Y :)

  7. I am MUSIC SMART so I loved the beautiful art work you made while you were listening to the music. Fantastic and beautiful work, Preps!

    From Mrs Yore

  8. Hi Prep K and Mrs. Kennedy,
    Your mandalas are so beautiful. You are all so very talented.

    How did you decide the colours you would use?

    from Ms. Tieppo and 2T

  9. Hello Ms. Tieppo and 2T,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Here are our answers to your question
    I chose my favourite colours to make my Mandala. (William)
    I chose my colours from the rainbow. (Cooper)
    I chose the colours that I thought would look nice. (Jacob)
    I did a pattern and I used the colours that would look good together. (Jennifer)
    I chose five colours and I only used those colours. They were my five favourite colours. (Adol)
    I chose my favourite colours. (Elisa)
    I chose the colour that would suit the colour next to it. (Jasmine)
    Thank you for a great question.
    Have fun today!
    From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K.

  10. Hello Miss Y,
    Thank you for your comment. We think it would be a great idea to play some classical music in your Library. We felt very calm and relaxed after listening to the music and doing our mandalas.
    Have a great day
    From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K.

  11. Hi from Nottinghamshire, in England!
    Your work is fantastic and Class 1 are very impressed. We will be looking at symmetrical patterns soon, so we will take some photographs and share them with you too.
    How did you plan these wonderful designs?
    We look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Mr. Faulder and Class 1

  12. Hi Mr Faulder and Class 1,
    Thank you for your comment. We enjoyed colouring our mandalas - we didn't create the patterns, they were already made for us to colour. We visited your blog and we think it is amazing that you are looking at Autumn leaves and we are getting ready for summer! You have a great blog.
    We look forward to seeing your symmetrical patterns.
    Have fun today,
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.

  13. Hi Prep-K,
    My name is Ms Dowling and I teach a Kindergarten class in NSW. I think your mandalas are fantastic. I really love the way you have used so many different colours! Did you use textas or pencils? I would love to visit your blog again soon.
    Ms Dowling and KD

  14. Hi Ms Dowling and KD,
    Thank you for your kind comments. We used textas for our Mandalas and we are very proud of how they look. Please visit our blog again. We will visit your's too.
    Have a great day
    From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K


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