Monday, May 2, 2011


Today our chickens arrived. We have three chickens who are one day old and ten eggs in the incubator. They should start hatching tomorrow! We are very egg-cited!!

 At home in the playpen.

Ten eggs in the incubator. The thermometer tells us if the temperature is ok.

Our chicks are only one day old.

Wally was very excited about our new visitors!

We need to keep the light on to make sure our chickens stay warm and cosy.


  1. Hi prep K, you are very lucky to have chickens! I'm sure Wally is having a great time with you.
    Miss Mac

  2. Wow Wally is very lucky. He hasn't seen baby chicks before. We love the chickens.
    How did the chick hatch?
    Where is the mother hen now?
    Where is their father?

  3. Hi Prep K

    What does Wally think about the chickens?
    What sort of things do you thing the chickens will do while they live in your classroom?

    From Ms Scott


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