Monday, May 16, 2011

Skyping with our friends in New Zealand.

Last week we talked to our friends A3 and A4 in New Zealand via skype. They sang a beautiful song for us and we sang a song for them - G'day! We shared stories about our mascots Wattle and Wally the twin wombats and their mascot Wally the giraffe.
We learnt that 'kia ora' means hello! We taught our friends that g'day means hello too!
Our chicks were on skype too!
A3 and A4 loved seeing our baby chicks and we were able to share some of our discoveries with them.
What a great way to share our learning and make new friends!
A3 and A4


  1. Hi Prep K, we enjoyed skyping with you on Thursday. It was great to see the chicks, and listen to your song. We are looking forward to skyping with you again.
    Miss Mac

  2. It was great to see the chicks! We can't wait to see your new pets that have arrived!


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