Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our discoveries - Hands on learning!

Look at all the discoveries we have made by watching our baby rabbits and sharing what we haved learned.

I discovered that the baby rabbits don't look like rabbits because their ears are flopped and they don't look like their mother. Georgia
I discovered that the little baby rabbits have grown. Their fur has grown and their ears are bigger. Kirra
I discovered that the baby rabbits can't see or hear. Jake
I discovered that the rabbits are changing colours because their fur is growing. Will P
I learnt that Blue Bell puts fur on the nest to keep the babies warm. Andy
I discovered that the mother rabbit is called a doe and the baby rabbits are called kittens. Eva
I discovered that the baby rabbits have grown and they are starting to see. Oscar
I discovered that when the babies are born their eyes are closed and they can't see or hear. Caoimhe
I noticed that the kittens are growing more fur. They are growing because they are keeping warm and having milk from their mum. Matthew
I discovered that the babies fur has gone darker and longer. Aerodyne
I discovered that the baby kittens are starting to open their eyes. Molly
I noticed that the kittens are trying to get out of the nest. Vivienne
I discovered that the rabbits can't see and they can't hear. Sienna
I discovered that the kittens are growing they are getting bigger and bigger. They can hear properly and they can see. Will H


  1. You have discovered so much already! You must have to feed Blue Bell a lot of food so that she can make enough milk for her kittens. Sadly, our rabbit Stu, has left our classroom and has gone to live with a new family. We will miss him, but we think he will be much happier.

  2. Wow the babies are looking so cute and you are learning alot! I didn't know that baby rabbits couldn't hear! When will they be old enough to leave their mother?
    Miss Mac

  3. Those rabbits are gorgeous and cute!
    I keep visiting them after school.
    I agree they have grown heaps!
    I wish I could have one!
    When are they old enough to stop drinking milk?
    Did you know that when they drink their mothers milk it is called suckling?
    Chloe O
    (Matthews sister)

  4. Hi Prep K,
    I have learned so many new things about baby rabbits. They look so soft and cuddly.
    What are some of the things you need to do each day for the rabbits?
    From Ms. Tieppo

  5. Hi Prep K, Wow the baby rabbits have grown so quickly. They look very soft and cuddly. How long will it be before they begin to hop? Kellie

  6. Hi Kellie
    Thank you for your comment.
    The kittens are hopping and jumping now!
    I feel happy when the kittens are hopping. (Caoimhe)

    From prep K

  7. Dear Ms Tieppo
    Thank you for your comment.
    Each day we need to:
    give the kittens fresh water (Georgia)
    give them fresh food (Will P)
    give them toys to play with (Sienna)
    clean out the hutch and put in clean wood shavings (Aerodyne)
    let them out of the hutch so they can have some exercise (Oscar)
    give them LOTS of love! (Prep K)
    From Prep K


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