Thursday, August 4, 2011

We followed a PROCEDURE to make .......

Perfect Penguins!


  1. Dear Prep K,

    We have just had a look at your blog and love your Lego Land slideshow. We liked the biggest chair that was for Papa Bear. We thought it was funny that Mrs Kennedy sat in it.

    We have had a think about reusing and Fletcher says that he reuses junk to play with like old pots and things from the kitchen. Luke reuses old bottles and toilet paper rolls to make people. Sienna reuses scrap paper to draw pictures and Tanya reuses boxes to make cars. Good luck this term with your inquiry unit. Our unit is called Be Happy, Be Healthy. Love Prep W.

  2. I Love your 'popping eyed penguins.' They looked 'perfectly poised' placed penguin upon penguin!
    Your procedure worked perfectly!
    Mrs Bellesini

  3. Hello Prep W!
    Thank you for sharing all the ways that you reuse materials. We have some good ideas now.
    Thank you Prep W for your beautiful comment. We love you. (Matthew)
    Strawberries and bananas make me healthy and happy. (Caoimhe)
    We would love to hear more about your unit. Perhaps we can skype again.
    From Prep K

  4. Dear Mrs Bellesini
    You used so many ‘p’ words in your sentence. (Kirra)
    We thought it was very funny that you used so many ‘p’ words in your sentence. (Will)

  5. Hi Prep K,
    This is Mikayla from the 6ML Buddy Blog.
    The Buddy Crew of 6ML think this is such a good idea aswell as the Jars. this will be something that we will do in buddies aswell.
    We were wondering what you used to make them.

    Keep up the great blog work!!!

    From Mikayla art of the 6ML Buddy Crew

  6. Hi Mikayla
    Would you like to know how to make the penguins or were you asking about the jars?
    We could send you our Procedure to make the penguins. (Kirra)
    We put decorations (stick on shapes) , foil, foam pieces, paint, square paper mosaics and glitter pom poms on our jars.
    We hope this helps.
    Thank you for your comment.
    From Prep K

  7. Hi Prep K,

    It's mikayla from the 6ml buddy blog again.
    I was asking about both.

    Hope to keep in touch and find more of your great craft ideas soon could you please leave another comment our our blog the link is

    From Mikayla part of the 6ML buddy Crew


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