Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Community.

Our Inquiry topic this term is 'Our Community'. We went for a walk around our neighbourhood to see what is in our community. We took our cameras with us and took photos of what we discovered. Then we made a voicethread using our photos and sharing what we saw in our community.

We would like our quadblogging friends to share what your communities are like - so we can learn more about you and where you live. We also want to see where we are the same and different.

Tell us about your community - does it look the same as ours? Do you have the same things we do?

Please add your ideas to our voicethread.


  1. You have made some very good observations Preps! Both with the varied things you took photos of in the Community and the marvellous things you noticed about the things you photographed. Well Done!!

  2. I love your Voicethread Preps - l found out about the Library in our community. I didn't know it was there! Not being a local - your observations about your area were realy helpful!
    My community is very different as the Maribynong River is about 800m from my house. There are lots of ovals, an athletics track, rowing clubs and restaurants! I look forward to learning more from you!

  3. Hi Prep K and S
    You have created a wonderful voice thread – well done.
    Room 3 children are going to take photos around our community and then we will be able to compare the similarities and differences.

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments. We will reply to them on Thursday when we have blogging time in the ICT suite. We are working on producing Little Bird Tales books at the moment. They are all about Guy Fawkes. Hopefully we will be finished them by Friday.

    Will you be having a jobs in the community dress up day? Perhaps you will share with us what you want to be when you grow up.

    Keep up the great work Preps K and S

    Chat to you soon
    Kids with a view

  4. Thank you Sienna it was really fun being in a winning video! Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you know what Adidas is? I have two brothers they are older than me.
    From Sienna

  5. Hello Preps,

    You have an Amazing community! You have so much in your community. My town in New South Wales, Australia isn't as big as your community.

    We are a tourist town not a long way across the border from Victoria. We have a McDonalds like you and also have a Subway sandwich shop, a number of pizza places and other restaurants.

    We have a number of shops but no big shopping centres, although a town about 30km from here will soon have one. It will include a Woolworths, Big W and Dick Smith shop inside. Shoppers like me are excited.

    We have a small library in our community but it is really only a small branch library of the town getting the shopping centre. There is a primary school in town. About 8km away in the next town there is a Catholic high school and, starting next year, it will include a primary school section. It's a wonderful school.

    With the Christmas holidays coming soon, we will become very busy. Most tourists coming here are from Victoria. Our town grows much larger at that time of the year. They love the lakes and beaches in our area.

    If you are allowed to look at it, here is a link to a photo I have taken from a track along the coast in my town...

    We also have three national parks and a nature reserve around our town. I often go for long walks in them and, like the sign in your community, we have to watch for snakes. I have seen black snakes, brown snakes and tiger snakes while out walking. I always leave them alone as we should never approach them.

    Thanks you for such an amazing post. Your community is beautiful. :)

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  6. Thank You for sharing your community. My community is near Seattle, Washington, USA. We have some things in our community that are similar to yours, and we have some things that are different.

    We have wetlands here, too, but I have never seen a snake in our parks! I hope you are careful when you go to the park to play.

    Right now all the leaves on the trees are changing color and are falling off the trees. We are getting ready for winter. This is the time of year when we like to build a cozy fire to keep warm.

    You've done a wonderful job on your blog. Keep up the good work!


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