Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Speed Stacking!

Yesterday Prep K were very lucky to participate in Speed Stacking. Mrs Bellesini made this photopeach to show everyone the fun and excitement.

The Preps had a fantastic time! Thanks Mrs Bellesini.
Have you ever had a go at speed stacking?
What do you do to train your brain?


  1. Orlando, Dykie, AnyaNovember 16, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    We like the speed stacking. Room 3 have never been speed stacking. We like Oscar's tower because he put his cups upside down and upwards. We even like the big ones too. From Dykie,Orlando and Anya.

  2. Hi Prep k we like the towers that you built. We wish we could be there!!! How did you build those towers? From Ashira and Maia and Joshua from kids with a view.

  3. Dear Orlando, Dykie and Anya
    Thank you for your comment.
    It was hard when you had to build the towers because we had to do them very fast and tall. (Aerodyne)
    When we had to unstack the cups it was hard because we had to do it very quickly. (Caoimhe)
    It was tricky when we had to put the cups the right side up. (Oscar)
    Balancing the cups when we were stacking them was a challenge. (Will H)
    It was lots of fun when we stacked the big cups because they were very big. (Kirra)
    From Prep K

  4. Dear Josh, Maia and Ashira,
    We wish you could come over and do some speed stacking with us too!
    We had to balance the cups to make them stand up. (Georgia)
    When I made my wall I had to put the cups in the right place so it wouldn't fall down. (Matthew)
    I did some speed stacking at home with plastic cups. Maybe you could try at home too. (Molly)
    You can make your own building. (Vivienne)
    From Prep K

  5. Dear Preps,
    Great work! Speed-stacking looks really fun. I can't wait to do it next week.
    Some of you are very creative!
    Great towers and speed stacking!
    Have fun.
    Chloe (Matthews sister)

  6. Hi Prep K, it looks like you had lots of fun with your stacking! I didn't know that it could be a sport until I saw your post. Are you going to keep practicing?

  7. Dear Preps,
    The Middles are getting very excited about speed stacking. That's all becase they saw how well you were doing it. We are really wishing Monday would come!Great work!

    The Middles

  8. Hi Prep `s
    I lovred your speed stacking video.
    How did you feyuw abuot it.

    And it was AMAZING!!!

  9. Hi Prep K.
    I love your speed stacking and I love Oscar's tower because it look's cool.What else did you make with the cool cup's?Where did you go with the cool big cup's?You did a great jog.did you make a shape with the cup's?I hope you had a great time?did you paint the cup's

    From Sienna


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