Friday, November 11, 2011

On Monday Prep K and Prep S said the prayer at our weekly school assembly. We have been learning about families in Religion so we wrote a prayer about why we love our families. After assembly, we made a voicethread sharing our prayer.


  1. Preps...what a beautiful prayer. You drew such wonderful pictures and thought about how special your families are to you.

    Mrs Yore

  2. Dear Prep K and Prep S,

    Your pictures and words are absolutely beautiful. Families are the most important things for us. they are there for us when we need them, they love us and they protect us.

    Your prayers are wonderful. We should always be thankful for God's gifts and the love of our families. :)

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  3. Dear Will P, Matt and Eva, Will H, Caoimhe and Molly
    Thank you for all your comments.
    We were leaning lots of things about Guy Faulkes because we have been learning about celebrations.

    I didn't know that you can't buy fireworks at the shops in Australia. We can buy them everywhere. I like that we can buy them but Mrs Laburn says it would be much more sensible just to have displays because it would be a lot safer.

    Did you go to fireworks displays?
    I saw the big fireworks display for the RWC 2011 it was massive.

    What are you learning about this week?
    From Aryaan Kids with a view

  4. We loved your pictures and your words. We have been learning about families too. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. We are thankful for our families.


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