Tuesday, February 28, 2012

29th February 2012!

Prep D and Prep K HAD to celebrate this very special day by making the number 29!  

29th February 2012!

What is a leap year?

When will the next leap year occur?
How old will you be?


  1. Bethany has a friend called Rachel. Her birthday is today (29th Feb). It's her 7th birthday. How old is she really?

  2. Fabulous 29 Preps!
    My Nephew got his licence today, so does that mean he has to have his 'P' plates for 12 years????? Maybe that's a question for your Grade 6 buddies!!
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. Hi Preps!
    February 29th is such a special day. What a great idea to make the number 29 out of yourselves! My class looked at 29 values that we think will help make the world a better place. Do you know what values are? They are things like kindness and respect.
    Thanks for sharing your photo preps,
    From Miss Gale

  4. Hello Prep D and Prep K,

    This was a wonderful way to celebrate February 29th. It is the rarest date of the year as it only comes around once every four years and won't be with us again until 2016.

    What is a leap year?
    What an amazing idea. Many years ago it was found a year was a little more than 365 days. They found they needed to add one day every four years to catch up.

    What do we catch up?
    A year is the time our planet takes to go around the sun once. It takes a little over 365 days to do this. It's like a clock that loses time. It's not so much at first but would make our clocks more wrong every day. We would need to adjust the clock like we have to adjust a leap year.

    When will the next leap year occur and how old will I be?
    When our next leap year comes in 2016, I'll be over 60 years old yet I can still remember being in my Prep class back in 1960. You will all be in Grade 4. What an amazing time you're going to have in those four years at school. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  5. Well done on your blog thanks for commenting on my blog.


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