Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Off and running!

We have had a very busy start to the year.
There is so much to learn and do when you start school. Prep K are doing a sensational job and are working hard to always do their best.
Today we made pancakes! We hope you enjoy our very first slide show for the year!

Tell us about your first days at school.
What are your favourite activities?


  1. Hi Mrs Kennedy and Prep K

    It's so exciting to see the new Preps and what a great way to start your blog with delicious pancakes! My favourite topping is lemon and sugar.

    Today I met two of our new Prep classes in the library (One more on Thursday). The Preps were very excited because they got to scan their books by themselves on their first visit...just like the other kids at school!

    Have a wonderful year of fun and learning in Prep K! I'm looking forward to seeing all the exciting things you will be doing in Prep K this year!

    Miss Y :)

  2. Hello Prep K,

    Welcome to blogging. I think you are going to have wonderful adventures as you discover the world through your blog (and the pancakes looked delicious).

    It has been a long time since my first day of school. It was over fifty years ago. I can remember it was my dad who took me to school for my first day. I was told I was sure of myself so when it was time to go into class, I said goodbye and walked up to my teacher. One thing I didn't know on my first day was I had to go again the next day. :)

    Have fun this year. There are many exciting things to do and share.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Hi Prep K,
    I loved looking at the photos from Pancake Day. The pancakes look so yummy!! I hope that you all enjoyed eating them.
    Have a great day,
    Love Maria (Nicholas' mum) :)

  4. Hi prep k,
    Welcome to the world of blogging. It is so great to see you all enjoying your pancakes. Wouldn't it be great to have pancakes every day?
    Cone and visit us some time soon.
    From your buddies in seniorG

  5. Hi Prep K,

    It's a pity Mia is sick today. It looks like she missed lots of fun. She came to my work and told everyone there she loves going to school.

    Hope you all have a good rest tomorrow.



  6. Good Morning Prep K,
    You are all so very clever and doing such a wonderful job at being Preps. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful day. Love Susan B - Hannah B's Mum xo

  7. Hello Prep K,

    Congratulations on making such a wonderful start to school. Your pancakes looked great and I am sure you had lots of fun eating them.

    From Marika (Hamish's mum)

  8. Hi Mrs Kennedy and the new Prep K
    We have missed you online - great to see you up and running. It really does take a while to get back into the swing of things at the beginning of the new year. Kids with a view kids are looking forward to meeting the new Prep K children and can't wait for the exciting connections this year.

    It looks like you all had an amazing time making pancakes! Well done they look yummy. What toppings did you have to put on them? My favourite is lemon and sugar!

    We look forward to seeing you soon!
    From Mrs Laburn and Kids with a view

  9. Hi Prep K, it's great to see you posting again. The pancakes look fantastic. Wally says hi, and he was asking how wattle was. I hope you have a fantastic year.
    Miss Mac and A3

  10. Hi Prep K,
    those great pictures of pancakes are making me hungry!! They looked really delicious, well done.

    Kirsty (Hannah A's Mum)


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