Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fantastic Fish!

In Art we made Fantastic Fish using collage. We drew our ocean backgrounds and painted food dye over the seaweed. 

The Preps are proud of themselves because they worked hard and think their fish look fantastic, fabulous and fun!

What do you think of our fabulous fish?


  1. Hi Prep K, I love all of your fish, they look fabulous. I love how they are shiny and colourful. Has anyone got some fish at home? What do your fish eat? I have seven fish in our pond outside. Love Hannah B :)

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Thank you for your questions. Matthew has a gold fish at home called Harry. Harry eats special fish food - like flakes.

    What colours are your fish Hannah?

    Have a lovely day,
    from Prep K :)

  3. The fish look great.

  4. Hi Prep K,
    Wow! I haven't visited the blog for a while and I can't believe how much great learning is going on.
    Your fish look amazing, I'm looking forward to Hannah A bringing hers home so I can put it up on our kitchen wall for everyone to see.
    Well done
    Kirsty A

  5. Hi Prep K

    Your fish have lots of pretty colours
    like a rainbow and my favourites are pink,
    purple, gold and white.

    From Bethany

  6. Hi Prep K
    I liked how you made the fish. They look great.
    From Andrew


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