Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Bye Chicks!

We have loved having our chicks in our classroom. Tomorrow they will be leaving to live on a farm. Having our chickens has helped us learn SO much about how a chicken is born and about what living things need to grow and survive. 

Here is our video of just some of the things we have discovered and why we have loved having the chicks in our room.

In Prep we have been practising our speaking skills. We have learnt that we need to speak clearly, use a voice that can be heard by everyone and make eye contact with our audience
We would love some feedback to let us know if you think we have done all of these things in our video!


  1. Hi Prep K,
    I loved listening to what you have found out about the chickens. You are very clever!
    Mrs David

  2. It's fantastic that you have appreciated the chickens and all you have learnt from them. They look so happy and healthy, I think they have appreciated you too! Well done with your speaking skills - I think Prep K may have a newsreader in the making! Great work! From Jo A

  3. Prep K your learning about the chickens and how to care for therm has been amazing -well done! Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge about how we care for chickens and other animals. I think the chickens will miss you - you have been good friends to them!!

  4. Wow, how wonderful Prep K. You all spoke so well on your video. You have taught us all so much about how to look after your lovely chickens. I hope that you have had lots of fun looking after them. I am sure they will miss you. Love Susan, Darren and Jacob B

  5. Dear Preps,
    Having the chicks in your classroom has been a great learning experience for you! We have all learnt heaps from your posts! We will all miss the chicks!
    Keep posting!
    Senior MY

  6. Dear Preps,

    You are so lucky to have had a wonderful experience watching your chicks grow. As you have said, they are very cute when young but they grow much faster than we do. I know you have all had wonderful experiences with them. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia


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