Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Action!

We have had so many wonderful learning experiences to help us answer our big question 'What do living things need to grow and change?' We were also thinking about how we can help animals in need. Adriana from Human Seeds and Wildlife Victoria came and spoke to us about how she cares for wildlife that have been hurt or injured. 
We decided that we would like to to help Adriana, so we followed a Problem Based Learning model to work out what we could do. This slideshow takes you through the steps we followed to choose an action and prepare a timeline for each stage of the process. The process allows the students to have a voice and make decisions democratically. Here are the results so far:

View more presentations from marieck.
We are very excited about helping our injured wildlife. We will post more about our action soon!

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  1. The Seniors absolutely LOVED visiting your class today for the Celebration of Learning! We thought Hannah A, Ben and Bethany really spread the news about all the wonderful learning happening in Prep.

    WE are all excited about Rainbow Day. It is a great action to help wildlife.

    Mrs Yore and Seniors


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