Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Action - In Action!

Here are some photos of the nesting boxes we made and the beautiful possums who are using them while they recuperate at Adriana's wild life shelter. You can read about our action here and here and here
We think the possums look very happy and content - what do you think?
Thanks Mrs David for the PhotoPeach.

Our Nesting Boxes! on PhotoPeach


  1. Hi Preps,
    These possums are really appreciately those boxes. Congratulations on the action you took. It makes a difference.
    Mrs Clark

  2. Well done Preps!
    You should be so proud of your hard work putting those boxes together and they have made a real difference to Adriana's work and to the possums who are enjoying them.

  3. Congratulations Preps
    The possums look very comfortable and happy in the nesting boxes you made for them. Your action reminds us that we can all help in many different ways. Adriana was very lucky to meet a group of children willing to help her do her work. Well done!
    Junior S and Mrs Swann

  4. Wow, Preps!

    The nesting boxes that you made look fantastic! It looks like the possums love them and are making good use of them.

    From Ms Scott

  5. Hi prep k. The possum boxes look great. Love from


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