Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Mini Olympics!

Today we had our school mini Olympics. We gathered together in our collaborative groups to celebrate the true spirit of the Olympic games. We worked together, helped each other and had FUN!
Here are just some of the activities we had during our mini Olympics.


  1. Hi Prep K
    We loved working with you in our collaborative teams during the Mini Olympics. It was a great opportunity for us to work and play and have fun together. Some of our favourite activities were - high jump, hurdles, shot put, dancing and long jump. What was your favourite Mini Olympic sport?
    Good Job Prep K.
    from your friends in Junior S

  2. Thank you for your comment JS.
    Our favourite activities were - high jump, aerobics (especially the shuffle!), long jump, high jump, gymnastics, the mini golf, skittles and shot put.
    We have a question for you! Why do you think all the students got a gold medal at the end of our mini Olympics?
    Love from your friends Prep K

  3. Hi Prep K
    We think everyone got a gold medal because we were all 'WINNERS'! We tried our best, we all joined in, we tried new things and most importantly we all had GREAT FUN together!We think this makes us all gold medal winners.
    Love from your friends in Junior S

  4. We agree with you JS! We think eveyone at St. Luke's are winners!
    Have a great day.
    Love from Prep K
    (thank you for your voicemail message too! How exciting!):)


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