Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning from Experts - US!

This week we became experts and shared a special interest or talent.

We brainstormed our talents and interests, then we chose an area we would like to share and teach to others. 

Prep D and Prep K worked together to make our expert groups. 

Our activities were - ballet, string tricks, board games, colouring insoccer, football, gardening (planting seeds) and running

Each team had time to practise what and how they would share their expertise and our Grade six buddies came to help us work out the steps. 

I felt grateful because I was teaching all my friends to do string tricks. Hannah B

As an expert all I had to do was try. Ben

To be an expert I felt happy because I like teaching people. Aly

I had to say to my friends you have to concentrate to make the colour stay in the lines. Zachary

Mrs David heard Sophia encouraging others when they were learning how to plant seeds.

I had to explain how to put your pinkies in the string (string tricks). Annie 

I listened when I was a learner. I listened to the expert about dribbling the ball. Nicholas

When I was doing string tricks I had to keep practising because it was really hard but I didn't give up. Kobe

The day was awesome because it was fun when we had to teach people how to do all the activities. Matthew

Here are some photos of our expert groups!

Learning from Experts! on PhotoPeach


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  1. Hi Preps
    We loved watching and learning from you - the experts! Great work! It was all so very interesting.
    Have a great day,
    From Peter (Junior S) and Maria - Nicholas' Mum.


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