Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Litter Detectives strike again!

Prep Litter Detectives were out and about again this week!
On Monday we decided to check to see if there was any rubbish in our playground - Monday is our only Tuckshop day and we wanted to see what the playground looked like after lunch.
So we collected our maps and rubber gloves and set out on our rubbish audit.

We were very disappointed to see quite a lot of rubbish in our school! So we marked the areas on our maps and picked up all the rubbish we could see.

We think we need to talk to the whole school about the amount of litter we saw!

The Preps are very keen to make posters reminding everyone not to drop their rubbish.

We want to have more paper chases.

One Prep said we should be a wrapper free school everyday!

What do you think we should do about the rubbish around our school? 
How can we encourage other students to pick up their rubbish?


  1. Hi Prep K,
    I am also disappointed to see how much rubbish you collected in the school yard.
    At many of the schools I visit when I am working, the children have to sit inside their classrooms to eat lunch so that rubbish is not left the playground. You are very lucky at St Lukes to be able to sit outside to eat.
    From Marika (Hamish's mum)

  2. Great detective work Preps. It's disappointing to see the rubbish being dropped. Some people don't seem to notice or care, BUT if everyone kept an eye out for each other and reminded them, it might change. If YOU all remember to put your rubbish in the right place, that is a good start! Keep up the great work Preps, I'll be looking out for rubbish droppers for sure!
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. Great work Preps. Hannah and I thought that when the bell went for the end of lunch time that all the kids could pick up one piece of rubbish on the way back to their classroom. Susan and Hannah B

  4. Hannah had another great idea.... 5 minutes before the bell goes for the end of lunch, could a teacher or student please announce over the loud speaker for a class rep to go back to the class room and grab a plastic bag and some gloves. Then a grade each week can spend the next 5 minutes cleaning up the grounds before they go back to class. This could be done once a week, preferably on a Monday after canteen. from hannah B :)

  5. Hi Prep K how can we make people stop dropping litter. Maybe we could put up poster's. before playlunch for the next 5 minutes everyone could pick up plastic and litter And at lunch time.
    From Zachary


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