Thursday, November 22, 2012

Making Graphs and Collaborating

Earlier this week we worked with a partner to collect data (we went outside and looked for animals and insects - see hereand record our information using tallies
When we had collected our data and count our tallies then organise our information into a graph

We noticed:

Hannah and Raph

Peoples graphs were very different.

Eli and Sophia

There were different amounts of animals on the graphs.

Zachary and Nyandit

There were a lot of some animals and not so much of other animals.

Mrs David

Some people started their graph from the top of the page and not at the bottom. We noticed that the information was the still the same.

Here are some of our tally sheets and graphs:


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  1. Hi Preps
    have you heard the song on the slideshow? It is good. Gai and I were trying our best. I loved it.
    From Annie.


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