Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Lemon Tree

The Environment Team have asked each class to take responsibility for one of our fruit trees and Prep K are looking after the lemon tree. We are also trying to be environmentally friendly - so Ms Scott gave us some drip feed watering tubes to help save water. Hamish brought a bottle from home (reusing) to attach to the tube and we used water from the drinking taps that had been collected in tubs (water saving) to fill our watering tubes. Now our lemon tree will have water all the time! We love looking after our lemon tree.

Reusing soft drink and water bottles for a watering system!

Water from the drinking taps.
How are you environmentally friendly?


  1. Thank you Preps for looking after the lemon trees. I love the idea of the using the bottles to water the plants- now that you are watching over them the trees will grow well for sure! Your blog reminded me to use the recycled water at my house for the garden!! Thanks for your great work.

  2. Wow preps,you are doing GREAT with the lemon trees!
    I love the idea of the bottles,it is a great way to save water.You preps are super stars coming out side and watering the trees so they can keep growing
    well done!
    from Tessa

  3. Look forward to seeing some lemons on your tree, but it might be a year or more before it is ready to produce lemons. I water my lemon tree and my vegie and flower garden with the water from my water tank. Keep saving the envionment.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  4. We need to check the water for our plant everyday. If it rains it might put more water in the bottle.
    Prep K

  5. hi preps, we love our lemon trees and we love to look after them. From Ben

  6. Wow prep K & prep D what good work you have done. You made the environment healthy. From Zachary.

  7. Wow Prep K and Prep D you have done a great job. You made the environment healthy. From Zachary.

  8. Hi Prep K
    I like watering the lemon tree because it's fun.

    From Matt

  9. Great job Prep K you have fed the lemon tree and we put bottles in there. We also put more bottles in the other trees.

    From Zachary

  10. Hi Preps I love planting our lemon tree because we need water and soil.
    love from Nicholas


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