Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Italian Day!

Today we had such a fantastic Italian Day! Thank you Signora Senzo for all your hard work and a big thank you to all the parents who helped out today!

Here is our day: 

Preps tell your family about today - what did you enjoy? What was your favourite activity?


  1. Great photos of Italian Day. Looks and sounds like you all had lots of fun today. I hope you all enjoyed your first Italian Day at St Luke's. Signora Senzo does a great job each year. I loved your dancing at the end of the play! I heard the rolls, pizza and gelato were very yummy too. Suzi

  2. Italian day is always fun! Lots of different activities and yummy food to eat, it's good you had the marathon to run some of it off! I think some of you would have been tired after the run and others pretending, am I right? Now you can have a good holiday.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. Wow you all really great, I loved seeing you all in the Italian day colours! I had a lot of fun and by looks of it you all did too. I really hope you enjoyed your very first Italian day, Signora Senzo really did do a fantastic job setting it all up.
    Your blog's looking great, keep up the good work!
    Lizzy [Paddy's sister]

  4. Hi preps, you all looked fantastic! They were really good photos that you took. It looked like you had a lot of fun. I thought the play was really good and I really enjoyed my Italian day.
    Keep up your great blogging and I hope you enjoyed your first Italian Day!

  5. Hi Preps,
    You all look like you had a great day on Italian Day, you all looked that you had fun and were excited. You looked like superstars when you dressed up for Italian Day. Your blog looks amazing I hope your first Italian day was awesome.


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