Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Letterland Day!

On Wednesday we had Letterland Day! A BIG thank you to all our wonderful parents for their support and creative talents! The Preps were so excited and we had a fantastic day.
Here are our reflections of the day.

On Letterland Day we played on the monkey bars and we

were Letterland characters. Caitlin

I liked all the costumes because they had lots of work 

put into them. Rosie

I liked Letterland Day because we all dressed up as 

different characters. Joshua

We all have favourite Letterland characters and 

mine  is Yellow Yo-yo Man. Ebony

I dressed up as Golden Girl. I wore a yellow shirt and 

golden hair. Sophie

I liked all the Letterland activities like Letterland snap

and dot to dots. Pat

We watched a movie about Christmas in Letterland. My 

favourite part was when Zig Zag Zebra got the 

presents. James

On Letterland Day we had fun and I dressed up as 

Vicky Violet. Elva

On Wednesday we had Letterland Day and I dressed up 

as Golden Girl because my name starts with Golden 

Girl’s sound. Gracie

We dressed as Letterland characters and there were 

four Golden Girls. I dressed up as Vicky Violet. Olivia

On Letterland Day I liked watching the Letterland 

Christmas movie. Alexa

We had fun showing our costumes to the Grade Sixes. 


I liked going around and seeing every class because it 

was fun. Stephanie

I loved Letterland Day because we dressed up as our 

favourite character. My favourite was Clever Cat 

because she has a very long tail. Eva

On Wednesday it was Letterland Day I dressed up as 

Clever Cat because she starts with the same letter as 

me. Campbell

On Letterland Day I liked playing Letterland monkey 

bars. You choose a Letterland character and jump to the 

forward bar. Cormac

We had activities and my favourite activity was 

colouring Dippy Duck in. Declan

The Letterland games were good and we all had a good 

time on Letterland Day. Hamish

We went into the Discovery Centre and had a parade. 

We came up and told the parents what letter we were. 


On Letterland Day we all dressed up as chararcters 

from Letterland A to Z. We finished all our letters to 

have Letterland Day. Riley

I enjoyed Letterland Day because we dressed up as 

letters that we like. I dressed up as Jumping Jim because

my name starts with his letter. Joel

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  1. Hi Preps, I loved watching your parade. You all looked fantastic dressed as letterland characters!
    Sarah (Sophie's Mum)


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