Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Community Spirit at St. Luke's - Helping Others.

Today we had a mini market at school to raise money for children in the Philippines.

Our student Social Justice group organised and supervised stalls. Everyone came along today with their pocket money ready to join in the fun and help raise money for those less fortunate than us. 

Parents and friends were invited and community spirit was well and truly alive!  

The Preps were in charge of the Sweets and Lollies stall. Due to the generosity and kindness of our Prep families and families in the school we were able to raise $200.00!! - just from the lolly stall. Stay tuned for our overall amount.

Declan's mum, Sonya and Niamh's mum, Madeline did a fantastic job bagging up all the lollies! Thank you so much! 

Thank you to those parents who sent along lollies already bagged and to those who did some home baking. A fantastic effort by everyone.

Mrs Gridley prepared a PowerPoint to show where our fundraising money would go and how it will be used.

Supporting children in the philippines from vgridley

We are very lucky to have all that we do.
Why is it important to share what we have with others?


  1. Congratulations on raising this money that will go to building a new playground. I have been to Manila and Laguna. I have seen the children play in the streets and have fun with very little. To replace that rusty old slide would be amazing and I can only imagine the children's joy. Joy that you will have contributed to.

  2. We had a wonderful day Preps and raised alot of money to help build a playground. It is a great way to share with people who don't have as much as we do.
    Mrs Mac

  3. Well done for raising so much money for the playground for the Philippine children. They will love to have something to play on.
    Mrs Bellesini :)


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