Monday, October 25, 2010

Maths Smart - Tangrams.

Today we were Maths Smart. We explored tangrams. First we played and made different pictures. Then we tried to make a square shape using our seven pieces. This was hard - but we did not give up. Mrs Kennedy gave us one to look at and copy.
Zac was the first Prep to make his square.


  1. Amazing Tangram Maths, Preps! I enjoyed every design- great imagining!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Hi Mrs Yore
    The tangram activity was hard (Lachlan).
    We had to make a square (Dylan).
    We didn't give up!(Jack)
    Mrs Kennedy was very proud because we kept on trying.:)
    I felt good because I didn't want to give up and I kept on trying. (Cooper)
    I made the square. (Natalie)
    Everybody had their best go and some people got it. (Jasmine)
    I felt nervous about making the square and then I felt happy because I kept on trying. (Elisa) It was hard and I was happy because I was trying. (Akuac)
    I didn't think I had the right pieces but I kept on trying. (Adol)
    Love from Prep K

  3. Dear Prep K
    The pictures you made while trying to make a square were fabulous.

  4. Hi Prep K
    What a fantastic activity your teacher planned for you. What a great way to learn about having a go and not giving up. We really liked the blue rocket and the green christmas tree!
    Miss Lepou

  5. Hi Mom!
    Thank you for commenting about our pictures. You are the best!
    Love from Natalie and Prep K

  6. Wow!!!!
    Congratulations kids. You are so so so clever....and so is your teacher creating this 'fabulous' blog with all your hard work. I am an ICT teacher at St Joseph's in Boronia and I love to looking at your great work. It gives me lots and lots and lots of ideas. Well done!!!!!!!!!!and THANKYOU. Keep up the great work.
    Miss Jones & St Joseph's Students

  7. Dear Miss Jones and St. Josephs students,
    Thank you for your comment. Do your students have blogs because we love to visit other schools to share our learning? We hope that you will visit us again - we have lots of things to share.
    Tahnk you again for your kind words,
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy :-)

  8. Wow you guys are really great artists I really enjoyed your video post!
    Come check me out at
    By the way we are talking about bullying and cyberbullying I am Kazy527

  9. Hi Kazy527
    Thank you for your comment. We will visit your blog! We have been learning how to be cyber-safe too.
    What grade are you in?
    Have a great day
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy.

  10. I'm a student teacher at the University of Georgia, and I had to do a tangram center with a group of fifth graders once. It was so hard, but we all felt so good about ourselves when we were able to put those shapes together into a square. Great work!

  11. Hello Student Teacher!
    Tangrams are hard! We were trying very hard to make our squares - and we will have another go soon. It does feel good to work out something that is difficult doesn't it?
    Thanks for your comment and good luck with your teaching!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy


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