Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Action - Reaching Out

As part of our Inquiry learning in term two, we discovered that all living things need food, water, shelter and protection to survive. We decided that our final action for this unit would be to raise money for the homeless, those people who do not have shelter and protection and a place to sleep at night. To raise this money we created a calendar to sell to our school community. The theme of our calendar was 'Responsible Pet Care'. We chose our favourite pets and wrote pet care rules for each pet. We used line and pattern to make each picture. We are very proud of our calendar and our school community who have supported us.

Click and hold on the photos to enlarge.


  1. Well done Preps!

    I look forward to giving my family copies of your wonderful calendars.

    Ms Scott

  2. Hi Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

    What an inspiring action you have taken to reach out and help the homeless people in Melbourne. Your efforts are going to help to provide food and shelter for some people who are not as lucky as we are here in Melbourne.

    Congratulations selling 100 calendars on your first day! Does your calendar have a theme? Was it hard to choose what to put in your calendar (because I'm sure you would have had lots of wonderful work to choose from)?

    I hope you are very proud of yourselves Prep K

    Miss Y :)

  3. Thank you Miss Yeoman for your comment. Our calendar theme was responsible pet care. We chose the pets that we wanted to put in our calendar and then we thought about a good pet care rule for each animal. In term two we learnt all about what living things need to survive and grow and how having a pet is a big responsibility.
    From Prep K :)

  4. Hi Prep K!

    Responsible Pet Care IS really important. I'm a senior in highschool and I am studying to be a zoologist and work with exotic animals. It all started with me having pets and learning responsibility to take care of them. I love animals and everything about them. I have always wanted to go to Austrailia and scuba dive in the great barrier reef, pet a koala, and maybe even see a kangaroo! I've never seen them before. I know that probably sounds crazy but its true, even our zoos don't have koalas. Maybe when I become a zoo science major in college I will study abroad in Australia. Good job you guys keep up the good work!


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