Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working Together.

Today we worked with a partner and 'shared the pencil'. We were writing to our school families to tell them about a special project we are working on. Together we talked about what we would write and then we remembered all the things we have to do when writing. We helped each other to spell words, keep our writing on the lines, put spaces between words and reread our writing to check that it made sense. We love writing!

Here we are in action!


  1. Hello Mrs Kennedy and Prep!
    Wow! That is a great idea for writing time! We might have to try it in our class.
    It looks like you are making a great start to the new term.
    We start back next week.
    We hope we can share our learning with you this term.

    Springston Explorers

  2. Hi Prep K's
    What a fantastic idea for writing. Our students can learn so much from each other. Often the most powerful ideas and feedback come from our peers. I look forward to trying this with my class next week!

  3. Hi Prep K's,
    It looked like you were working really hard together on your writing. It's great that you can work together and help each other. Thank you for commenting on our blog, you asked why we made puffer fish. We had been learning about sea animals and we got to see a real puffer fish at Kelly Tarltons, it was our favourite animal so we thought it would be great to try and make our own puffer fish.
    Miss Mac.

  4. Thank you Mrs Watson. Mrs Kennedy is very proud of the way we work together and share our skills. We would love to vist your blog to see what you are learning. We hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  5. Thank you Room A4. We really enjoyed working together and it's great to be able to help each other and 'share the pencil'. We would love to see how it goes in your class!
    Have a great day
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  6. Hello Miss Mac!
    We have started the term very well and we have lots of exciting things to look forward to.
    We have been learning to cooperate with each other and share our skills. What will you be learning about this term?
    Have a happy day
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  7. Hi Preps,
    I have just been looking at your great work! Mrs Coffa has been at my school showing us how to blog - she is an expert!

    Mrs Crough
    All Hallows Primary School

  8. :) Hello. We are the Squirrels from the International School Manila in the Philippines.

    We liked your Voki cat.

    We work together all the time too. We call that "Study Buddies". We work together when we play too but we don't call that study buddies.


    The Squirrels :D

  9. Hi Mrs Kennedy and Prep K

    Wow! What wonderful writers you are becoming in Prep K. It's great to see how well you work with your partners and share your ideas and skills. I really like the "spaceship" you use to keep the spaces between your words. You are definitely getting ready for Grade One!

    Mrs Kennedy, I really like the Picture Trail tool - I think I'll give it a go!

    Have a great term Prep K

    Miss Yeomans :)

  10. Hi Mrs. Kennedy and Prep K,

    We are very impressed at how well you are working with your special partner. Your writing looks so neat and you are trying really hard to write on those lines.

    How do you decide your partners? We have icypole sticks with our names on them and sometimes we use these to find a partner.

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    from Ms. Tieppo and 2T

  11. Hello Squirrels!
    We visited your blog and we like your rat Voki too! Thanks for your comment. We would love to share our learning with you!
    We saw that you talked to the Juniors at our school and we think your video of your favourite toys is great.
    Have fun!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  12. Hello Miss Yeomans!
    Thank you for visiting again. We really enjoyed working with a partner, we could share our ideas and help each other.
    Mrs Kennedy 'borrowed' Picture Trail from a wonderful blog in New Zealand - give it a try it's great!
    Have a great term
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  13. Hello Mrs Crough
    Mrs Coffa is the best! We love learning from her.
    Thank you for visiting our blog.
    Happy blogging!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  14. Hello Prep K,
    I love the way that you guys work together. It is great to see you share what you know with your friends. Keep up the great work!

    Mr Limb and PrepML

  15. Hello Mr Limb and Prep ML!
    Thank you for your comment. We enjoy working together and helping each other. We will visit your blog soon to see what you are doing.
    Have a fun day!
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy


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