Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet our baby kittens (rabbits)!

We have decided to call our seven gorgeous rabbits after the seven dwarves. We watched them closely and tried to match the names to their personalities. It was a bit tricky!

The Seven Rabbits! on PhotoPeach


  1. I cannot believe how much your rabbits have grown in the three days l did not see them!!! You must be very good cadets and helping Bluebell out a lot because they are growing so fast!!
    I think they are very beautiful and could spend ages watching them!!!!
    How are you picking the names for them???? I like the seven dwarf idea - that's clever!!!
    I wonder - what have you found to be different from when you looked after the chickens??

  2. I love the rabbits and their names!!!! I think you have chosen perfectly as the names suits their personalities!!
    I know you are taking good care of them and making sure they are growing stronger everyday!
    Well done Prep K

  3. Hi prep k,

    The kittens have grown bigger. We really like seeing the photos of them.

    From dean & kirra

  4. What a great idea Prep Ks! Great names. Gosh those rabbits are getting big. Are they still drinking Blue Bell's milk?

  5. Hi Kirra and Dean
    Thank you for your comment.

    I feel happy because the rabbits have grown so quickly. (Oscar)
    We are glad that you like the photos.

    From Prep K


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